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What Readers Have Said About The Reagan Psalms


The Reagan Psalms audio CD is from Winan’s book, The Reagan Psalms (now out of print), which was published in 1984 by Integrity Times Press. The book was a scathing indictment against Reaganomics and the Ronald Reagan Administration.


The book (A small piece of history) received considerable media attention, including comments from U.S. Senators, Journalists, and other well-known personalities. Below is a small sample of comments:


“Thank you so much for sending me The Reagan Psalms. I found it most interesting, not only because of the unique format, but because of your insights on President Reagan.”

The late Arthur Hoppe, Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated columnist.


“I like your stuff (The Reagan Psalms)) very much. It’s a fine tribute to the pronunciations of the White House Toby.”

Studs Terkel


“Thank you for sharing with me, The Reagan Psalms. I’m impressed with how thoroughly you’ve gone about indicting Reaganomics—and you have some wonderfully juxtaposed quotes.”

The late U.S. Senator, Alan Cranston.


“I appreciate your bringing this valuable book to my attention.

Edward M. Kennedy, U. S. Senator


“Thanks for sending me your book, The Reagan Psalms, and it’s all so true. We have a writer friend staying with us and I will show him your book. I know he will thoroughly agree with your philosophy and enjoy your poetic talent.”

Joan Baez, Sr.




The Reagan Psalms CD

Poetry by:
A.D. Winans

 Narrated by:
A. D. Winans

 Musical Accompaniment by:
Ave Jeanne Ventresca.

 Produced by:
Sound Streettracks, 2008

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Review by Hugh Fox


To be honest, at first I didn’t grasp exactly what Winans was doing, but then, after about fifteen minutes of listening to Winans read the psalms, I realized (the old Irish Catholic in me slowly reviving) that what Winans was doing was taking the original Psalms of David and other biblical (New and Old Testament) pieces and using them as a basis for deep meditations on the nature of U.S. politics and the ever-present Class Struggle:


In the beginning, Reagan created Reaganomics
and reshaped the heavens and the earth
and life was without prosperity except for big business,
and industry saw that this was good and contributed to
Reaganomics in the form of political contributions,
and darkness was cast upon the poor and the elderly
and the spirit of the military moved upon all shores
and Reagan said, “Let there be light,” and divided the
rich from the poor.....

It took me a while to remember the scripture, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God....”  (The beginning of the Gospel according to St. John).


What makes Winan’s work so devastatingly effective is that it invokes these old memories inside us and somehow links his political commentary with sacred texts so that they really penetrate and stick with us on both conscious and memory/subconscious levels.

There’s a temptation to take each poem here and trace it back to its biblical origins. I found myself taking a bible out when Winans began talking about the Reaganites, remembering biblical references to the Amorites, and found myself going through Joshua and other books trying to pinpoint the exact texts Winans was using (and that still lingered on in my fading memory)...and never quite finding them.

You could spend months pinpointing the texts that Winans uses. Like the Beatitudes, beginning in the Gospel of Saint Luke, Chapter 6, beginning with verse 20:

Blessed are ye poor; for yours in the kingdom of God.
Blessed are ye that hunger now: for you shall be filled.
Blessed are ye that weep now: for you shall laugh....

Here’s how Winans transforms St. Luke:              

 Blessed are the rich for they shall become richer,
 Blessed are the poor for they shall help the rich
 become richer,
 Blessed are the meek for they shall become meeker,
 Blessed are the oil companies for they shall inherit
 the earth,
 Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for Reaganomics
was created for them....

What could be more powerful than this?

In my (still unpublished) book about Winans, I begin by placing
Winans in his San Francisco ambience and talk about the influences on his work:

Earlier he had been influenced by the usual
writers, from Camus and Fitzgerald to Pound and
Eliot, then the Beats like Brautigan and the like,
but it seems to have been that personal contact
with Micheline and Kaufman that pushed him over
into writing his own poetry (A.D. Winans: An Overview).    

But then, I end the book with an observation that nicely applies to The Reagan Psalms.

....if you want to get a strong,
masterfully engineered sense
of the U.S. in the last half a century,
Winans is a good place to start...
Winans work is a series of
masterful, emotional etchings of the U.S.
as it really, truly, realistically IS (p. 120).

I'm not saying that Obamaish is a rebirth of Reaganism, but one thing for sure, the decaying structure of U.S. economics, the increasing unemployment and poverty, is very closely akin to Winan’s Reagan Psalms vision.

What we have here is a real classic-classic, moving beyond influences and schools into a voice that is totally Winan’s own.


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CD Packages Available

"Allan Winans narrates time from The Beginning, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, all the way to The End. The original book was written in the eighties by the same name The Reagan Psalms. The listener is taken back to a time, where change had been tumultuous since the fifties, sixties and seventies.

The Reagan Years lulled America into a false sense of security with "Reaganomics", seemingly, an answer for all life's problems. A sense of wealth and power was restored after the Vietnam Years. Mr. Winans takes you on a path of biblical terms, recanting the promises made to 'the promised land'.

It stirs your heart, and at one point the sudden realization, the revelation hits you hard. When Mr. Winans recites "The End", one is left with a lump in the throat."

Review : Sound Streettracks

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