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John Daleiden, US






In the month of May Americans Celebrate Mother's Day. Many other countries also celebrate this special day in their cultural lives, although various dates are designated. Accordingly, the May 2008 haiku thread was motherhood. Nineteen poets from eight countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Israel, Poland, Romania, Trinidad and the United States sent poems honoring motherhood. Ninety-nine poems were submitted to the thread.

The motherhood haiku show the poets in their own unique ways paying tribute to mothers:

Sharing in a common activity:

spring morning
picking dandelion greens
mom and I

# 06. Karina Klesko, US

Offering mother a simple gift of flowers:

Mother's day
instead of words

# 48. Jacek Margolak, PL

A mother comforting an infant:

Spring night,
a lullaby allaying
the baby’s tears

# 88. Magdalena Dale, RO

Displaying compassion for a lost child:

maternal feelings—
a little lost girl
tugs at my skirt

# 32. Barbara A Taylor, AU

Keeping a protective vigil during a storm:

With gentle breath
mother watches her child sleep—
night tempest

# 96. Magdalena Dale, RO

Experiencing the competitive edge in life:

soccer moms
they used to speak
to each other

# 58. Bill Kenney, US

Enduring a dissolution in life:

in a shoulder bag
of an expectant mother
—divorce petitions

# 52. Jacek Margolak, PL

Leading by example:

mother's courage
for sons to lean upon...
rock of Gibraltar

# 69. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Ensuring the preservation of her genes:

at fifty
her disappearing eggs
held on ice

# 36. Barbara A Taylor, AU

Delighting her guests with delectable treats:

Mother's Day
her strawberry cake
cuts the chatter

# 25. Rafal Zabratynski, PL

Commemorating  connections to her own family:

her worn hands
a string of pearls from
Mom's wedding day

# 19 Trish Shields, CA

Enduring dashed hope:

Mother's Day
she tries not to hide
her disappointment

#42. Bill Kenney, US


Jewish mother
always feeling
guilt, guilt, guilt

# 08. Betty Kaplan, US

Growing old:

morning glory
on the old paling—
the smile of grandma

# 72. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Loosing identity:

our own mother
a stranger to us now:
Alzheimer's secret

# 11. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

Ultimately, passing from the cares of human life and becoming a part of universal memory.



A Collaborative Haiku Sequence


soft memory
her cameo at my throat
ashes in the wind

# 23. Norla Antinoro, US


the empty chair...
a flood of memories
for mother's day

# 15. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


at the icon lamp—
a bunch of violets
and mother’s photo

# 74. Maria Tirenescu, RO


under the shade
of the elm—
her gravestone

# 98. Mary Davila, US


an evergreen
beside mother's tombstone
reaching for the stars

# 71. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


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