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Jerry Dreesen, US




Pris Campbell, US—Haiga; Ed Baker, US—Haiga; Allison Millcock, AU—Haiga; Susan Constable, CAHaiga; Laryalee Fraser, CAHaiga; an'yaHaiga

Gillena Cox, TTPhoto Haiga; Shanna Baldwin Moore, USPhoto Haiga; Mary Davila, US—Photo Haiga; Maya Lyubenova, BG—Haiga; Jacek Margolak, PL—Photo Haiga

Maya Lyubenova, BG—Visual Shape Poetry

Pris Campbell, US; Melinda B Hipple, US and Mike Keville—Collaborative Haiga

John Martone, US—Collages and Rubbings


Art of Saul Bernstein, US

The Creator for Internet



Betty Kaplan

Flowers In A Vase

Betty Kaplan is the May 2008 Sketchbook Cover artist. 



Los Angeles Connections
Return Nazi Seized Art After Years of Litigation

 Jayne Kaplan, US


Helen Bar-Lev




Sketchbook Authors
May 31, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 5

an'ya, US
Hortensia Anderson, US
Norla Antinoro, US
RD Armstrong, US
Ed Baker, US
Helen Bar-Lev, IL
Gerry Bravi, CA
Marlčne Buitelaar, NL
Pris Campbell, US
Susan Constable, CA
Gillena Cox, TT
John Daleiden, US
Jerry Dreesen, US
Gerald England, UK
Sally Evans, UK
Hugh Fox, US
Laryalee Fraser, CA
Judith Gorgone, US
Andreas Gripp, CA
Melinda B Hipple, US
Elizabeth Howard, US
Betty Kaplan, US
M. Kei, US
Mike Keville, US

Karina Klesko, US
Deborah P. Kolodji, US
Isa Kocher, TR
Robert Lucky, CN
Maya Lyubenova, BG
Jacek Margolak, PL
John Martone, US
Allison Millcock, AU
Shanna Baldwin Moore, US
Karen O'Leary, US
Pam Pignataro, US
Kala Ramesh, IN
Kristin A. Reynolds, US
Kevin Ryan, UK
Vaughn Seward, CA
Dr. Ram Sharma, IN
Trish Shields, CA
Jeffrey Spahr-Summers, US
Brian Strand, UK
Richard Stevenson, CA
A. Thiagarajan, IN
Craig Tigerman, US
Max Verhart, NL
A. D. Winans, US
Tad Wojnicki, US / TW


A - M  Sketchbook Biographies

N - Z  Sketchbook Biographies





Read the Poems by Genre

Acrostic, Cinqku, Cinquain, Couplets, Crystalline, Dorsimbra, Fibonacci, Free Verse, Ghazal, Haibun, Haiga, Haigay, Haiku, Kyoka, Lanterne, Light Verse, Mondo, Pantoum, Renga, Rengay, Renhai, Renku, Rondeau, Sedoka, Shan-zi, Shisan, Sijo, Sonnet, Stellarenga, Senryu, Tanka, Tetractys, Triolet, Whitney


Writer's Handbook

WhitneyA Seven Line Form



Global Correspondents


Connecting to South Africa

6: The Natives are Restless

by Jeff Spahr-Summers




Connecting to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad High School Student
Artwork Selected For Olympics

by Gillena Cox



Connecting to Scotland


by Sally Evans



Connecting to Israel

Miracles and Disasters

by Helen-Bar Lev





John Tiong Chunghoo, Malaysia
Gillena Cox, Trinidad
Sally Evans, Scotland
Helen Bar-Lev, Israel
Cristian Mocanu, Romania  
Aju Mukhopadhyay, India
Rita Odeh, Israel
Kala Ramesh, India
E. E. Sule, Nigeria

Various Correspondents will be featured from month to month.




Announcing summer morn(ing) June 2008 Kukai

For the June 2008 Kukai submit one to three HAIKU using the kigo summer morn(ing). The exact word(s) must be used in the haiku. No more than a total of three haiku may be submitted. Haiku submitted to the kukai should not be workshopped, appear on-line in forums, or in print.

summer morning—
a spider weaves her web
of entrapment

John Daleiden

Subject:June08 summer morn(ing) Kukai

Submissions: Sunday, June 01, 2008 – Friday, June 20, 2008 Midnight.

Voting: Saturday 21, 2008 – Friday, June 27, 2008, Midnight.

The results will be published in the Monday, June 30, 2008 Sketchbook

Recent letters to the Sketchbook editors and discussions on various forums indicate that some assumptions about a kukai must be spelled out. From now on (April 1, 2008), Haiku entered in the Sketchbook kukai must be previously unpublished; they must not be workshopped; they must not appear on any list, forum, group, blog, or in print. In short, if the haiku has appeared on the internet or in print we consider it to have been published. The voting in a kukai is anonymous and publication anywhere voids anonyminity. Any haiku found to be previously published will be disqualified.



Announcing June 2008 bride / wedding Haiku Thread

For June 2008 the theme of the monthly haiku thread is bride / wedding. Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the Thread.

Subject Line: June08 bride / wedding haiku thread.
Deadline: Midnight Thursday, June 26, 2008.

in her white gown
'here comes the bride'

swans circle the pond

John Daleiden, US

All Haiku received will be posted on-line at June 2008 bride / wedding Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the Monday, June 30, 2008 Sketchbook.





|Sketchbook Special Features
May 31, 2008, Vol. 3, No. 5

Rengay Authors

Hortensia Anderson, US; Betty Kaplan, US; Kirsty Karkow, US; Vaughn Seward, CA; Max Verhart, NL

Read the Rengay


Marlčne Buitelaar, NL and Betty Kaplan, USCooling Embers

Betty Kaplan, US and Marlčne Buitelaar, NLThe Bench


Norla Antinoro, US; Elizabeth Howard, US

Gerald England

A Summer Haiga Series



Hortensia Anderson, US and Kala Ramesh, INLove Line


Hortensia Anderson, US; Gerry Bravi, CA; Daniela Bullas, UK; Gillena Cox, TT; John Daleiden, US; Judith Gorgone, US; Betty Kaplan, US; Karina Klesko, US; Shanna Baldwin Moore, US; Vaughn Seward, US; Trish Shields, CA; Craig Tigerman, US

Read the Renhai


Betty Kaplan, USIndian Pudding; Isa Kocher, TR—not quite yet summer weekend


Tad Wojnicki, US / TW; Elizabeth Howard, US; Norla Antinoro, US; Deborah P. Kolodji, US; M. Kei, US

Tanka Sequence

John Daleiden, USWhile We Wait

Photo Tanka

Karina Klesko, US and Kevin Ryan, UK



Hugh Fox

Hugh Fox, US—Free Verse: Not To Be, For A Moment, I.(IN) P. (PEACE), Borders, The Greatest Power In The World, Remembering Janis J., Remembering Edith Sparrow, The Valley of Neander, Je Revien/ I Become, A Weekend

Hugh Fox, US—Free Verse: Solitude, Meditations, Unchange, Awarenessing, Creating, Now (# 140), Back To, Now (# 141), Finally, The Right, Normal Exotic, Dreamland, Spring Dusk Pomeranian Walk, To Terror Or Not To Terror, Life-Drawing Class, Economics, Debussy

Hugh Fox, US—Prose: A Little Pencil Magic

Mark Savage

Souls And Passions


Sketchbook II

Volume 1, No. 4 May 31, 2008


The OutlawPoets II




To further our quest
to reach out
to the vision impaired
we will be launching
our CD audio poetry readings
a series by A. D. Winans

Six CD'S packaged
individually or as a set
with signature
and a collectible coffee mug
to drink that tea or cafe au lait.
Listen to poems that touch the souls
of listeners around the world.


Collectable postcards available

Click CD above to View





Venice Beach Photo Gallery

Shanna Baldwin Moore

A Gallery of Venice Beach Photos

Feature for April / May 2008

A Retrospective of A. D. Winans' Work


A. D. Winans, USFree Verse: The Sound on the Stairs, News from the V.A., Angry Hermits, For JW

Shanna Baldwin Moore, USPhoto Haiga

Shanna Baldwin Moore, USFree Verse: Tribute to Tony Scibella: Safe In Our Cellar, The Lady, Sound Hits Paper,

Joyce_Watkins, USFree Verse: Beltane

RD Armstrong, USFree Verse: Things I Notice #4, Commentary: The News From Out West

Pris Campbell, USFree Verse: Unredeemed Souls

Tracy McPherson, USFree Verse: Heroes Heartbreakers, Untitled, Mother's Day, silly window, another day

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz, USFree Verse: Fidelity, Reunited At Last; Unrhymed Tercets: "Friend"; Unrhymed Couplets: Concerning My Weakness for Slavs

Edward Jamison, USFree Verse: Roller Derby

Norla Antinoro, USFreeVerse: Falling Unreal: Now What, Mama?; Autumn Passion; back lighted by the moon: by Amanda di Cuvrais*; Drums; If I But Could; Limits Lost; Look Again; love song; Mandy Died; My Dark Obsession; night is liquid velvet; Masquerade; What need seduction; Haiku, Tanka

Lyn Lifshin, USEight Poems from Cove Point:  When I Think of the Scar Where the other Car Scalped my Forehead; The Way You Know' Dark Horse; Sometimes When I See People In The Park With Their Lunch Bags From The Church; April, Paris; Circus; Remember When You Wondered What "It" Would Be Like?; Haven't You Ever Wanted To Use The Word Indigo?; Montmartre

Lyn Lifshin, US—Eleven Selections from January Poems, 2006: Yellowed, In An Old Chestnut Trunk; January 5; Jan 5; January 5; January 7, Blue; January 7 Blues; These Blues; January 9 Blues; Blue Saturday; January 7; January 7; Hearing Something About "The Boston Phoenix On Air"

The Little Black Book


Little Black Book Guidelines



Sketchbook II Editors:

Karina Klesko

John Daleiden

Shanna Baldwin Moore


childwriter's cover

childwriter's contents: January 31, 2008: Vol. 1, No. 1

Brian Strand, UK—Vignette-on Two Levels

Michemon, JP—IllustratorChildren's Books: Gallery 1; Gallery 2; Michemon Biography



"barefoot" Kukai Results

     First Place: Jacek Margolak, PL

     Second Place Tie: Karina Klesko, US,
                                  Kala Ramesh, IN

     Third Place: Betty Kaplan, US

Read the winning haiku in the  "barefoot" Kukai

1st Place: Jacek Margolak, PL

2nd Place Tie: Karina Klesko, US
Kala Ramesh, IN

3rd Place: Betty Kaplan, US

Kukai Participants

Ed Baker, US; Gillena Cox, TT; Magdalena Dale, RO; John Daleiden, US: Mary Davila, US; Billie Dee, US; William Kenney, US; Karina Klesko, US; Catherine J. S. Lee, US; Jacek Margolak, PL; Vasile Moldovan, RO; Peter Pache, US; Kala Ramesh, IN; Keith Simmonds, TT; Melissa Spurr, US; Barbara A. Taylor, AU; Rafal Zabratynski, PL


From The Editor's Desk

Karina Klesko

John Daleiden


Enter the Book Fair

Featured Books of the Month

A. D. Winans

San Francisco Blues



The Art of Haiku, Gerald England, ed.
Spirit Harvest, Trish Shields
unfinished book, Deborah P. Kolodji
Flowers of Life, Brian Strand
Shorthand of the Heart, Brian Strand
Poiema: Ekphrasis Poems, Brian Strand
Phaneros, A Selection of Lanternes, Brian Strand

Things Just Come Through, Ed Baker
Cobweb, Cristian Mocanu
Watching the Bud of Dream, Rita Odeh
The Language of Sparrows, Andreas Gripp
Like Darwin Among the Gods,
Andreas Gripp
Presence of Mind, Jim Kacian
Oklahoma Heat, Marc Thompson
(C)opyright Sign, Daniela Bullas
Animals are Nature's Poetry, Helen Bar-Lev
Cyclamens And Swords, Helen Bar-Lev
The Haiku Handbook, William J. Higginson
San Francisco Blues, A. D. Winans
whispers from hell, A. D. Winans
Rustle of Bamboo Leaves, Vicgtor P. Gendrano
Coast Lines,
Trish Shields and Katherine Gordon
Fire Pearls, M. Kei, editor
Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay, M. Kei
The Poetic Image, Alan Summers and Roger Brown
moments, Gillena Cox
seasons of a hermitess, an'ya
Fire and Rain, RD Armstrong
Beads on Blossoms, Andreas Gripp





















































































































































































































































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