Deborah P. Kolodji

 Stripped Bare

Noon sun,
my sins revealed
on a clear winter day—
the last leaves finally falling


The Road from Anatevka

Slow ache
as she dances
out of our tradition—
maintaining balance, fiddler on
the roof.


First Concerto

The scales
are tedious,
a long way from Chopin—
she closes her eyes and fingers
the keys.



Gillena Cox, TT


he smiled
and then i smiled
intimating to him
the ingredients of my chow*

*In Trinidad and Tobago chow is one of the first eatables you make as a child, the classic is made with green mangoes, hot peppers, and salt.



John Daleiden, US

In My Dreams

I think
there is a realm
more fabled than this land
where tears are gold and kisses fill
the sky.



All That Night

trapped in blizzard
conditions, we played games—
the house scented with hickory


A Guiding Light

Star bright,
shine through the night,
lead us to faith and peace—
the paths through these dangerous woods
are dark.



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