Betty Kaplan, Max Verhart, Sue Mill



 A Renga by
Betty Kaplan, USA
Max Verhart, Netherlands
Sue Mill, Australia

Pictures in the Album

colors of summer
the salamander
jumping leaf to leaf                        bk

no sound louder than
the beating of my heart                 mv

flag-stoned cloister
sandaled feet
shuffle past                                 sm

children run about
sand castle knocked down!             bk

the circle of tents
lit by Chinese lanterns
and the moon                              mv

in the pumpkin field
a straggle of dried-up vines            sm

Halloween eve
on my porch I put
a cut out grin                               bk

and yet another nosegay
anonymously left behind                 mv

her youngest son—
she hopes this marriage
will succeed                                 sm

ripe fruit in the orchard
the saplings they planted                bk

with every step
my backpack gets heavier
—stolen apples                             mv

dangling from his wrist
shiny handcuffs                            sm

shattered dreams
smolder in the hearth
cold moon                                    bk

shadows move all over
the snow covered garden               mv

Indian burial ground
lie forgotten                                 sm

gift shop in the museum
looking for remembrances                bk

centuries old
spring flowers on canvas
as fresh as today                          mv

another night on the town              sm

from the roof tops
morning mist
rises slowly                                   bk

on the slope of the mountain
recovering my breath                     mv

sitting at his bedside—
the soft hiss
of the ventilator                            sm

he plays the shakuhachi
enchanted, we listen                      bk

a silent waterfall
in a soundless forest
on her folding fan                          mv

a cool iron
for my old Hawaiian shirt                 sm

pictures in the album
their honeymoon                            bk

a nod here a smile there
I keep my envy hidden                    mv

between the trunks
shafts of sunlight                           sm

a reflection of my face
upside down in the dark lake            bk

behind black branches—
the moon                                     mv

tied to the car hood
an eight point stag                        sm

on a hunt
for mushrooms
he finds the largest                        bk

star spangled sky
infinity everywhere                        mv

on my wall
a faded poster
of James Dean                              sm

she saves his valentine
in her diary                                   bk

on the pages
cherry blossoms
gently fall                                    mv

fragrant breeze
calling me home                            sm



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