Gillena Cox, TT




It's the second weekend in December; The annual high school reunion is flagged on my calander; this year i can choose whatever i want to bring; the women usually will prepare food and the men will carry drinks.

I'll make a chow. In Trinidad and Tobago chow is one of the first eatables you make as a child, the classic is made with green mangoes, hot peppers, and salt. The more creative you are as a child, or the more access you have to your mother's kitchen; the more herbs are added; so it no unusual to eat a chow from a friend with a garlic onion flavour.

As an adult, however, chow is still a favourite at any lime; the essence now, is in choosing your combination of green herbs, and your fruit, be it green or ripe; local or foreign.

he smiled
and then i smiled
intimating to him
the ingredients of my chow

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