Global Correspondent Report



Rita Odeh 

Report from Nazareth

December 2006

Dreaming of Santa


The path of pain is crowded with many hungry, barefoot Palestinian children who walk towards the Calvary barefoot, yet, surrounded by the Christmas illuminations.

They are born to carry the cross and look for identity. Many have witnessed the demolishing of their houses. Many are left without any shelter. Many are left without a parent to supply the basic needs of life.

The same path is also crowded with many Jewish children who live under the fear of explosive human beings. They suffer from nightmares. They feel scared to leave to school in the morning. They feel terrified to sit in a bus which may explode at any moment. The idea of a missile, flying in the sky, landing in the playing yard or near the warm bed is awfully terrifying.

All those children live in the so called: Holy Land , which is supposed to be the land of peace, the land of love, the land of forgiving..!!

At Christmas time, one may ask:
For whom the bell tolls..?
Who has stolen the dreams of such innocent children..?
Is it he who comes to steal, kill and destroy..?

But, isnít it the duty of mature people to wake up from such a terrible nightmare by changing attitudes, by accepting the peace treaty and walking the path of peace and stable life..?

Isnít it time for mature people to realize that violence brings more violence, and Blood Shed makes us lose the basic traits of our beings: HUMANITY.

Isnít it time for Cain and Abel to realize that they are brothers that souls are more precious than soil, that any crisis can be solved if it is fed by good intentions.

Dear all, it is the most proper TIME for those innocent children to live, rejoice and dream of Santa peacefully.

Dec. 12, 2006
Rita Odeh




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