Rita Odeh, IL




oh, Issa, pour me—
some fresh metaphor
from your cup

on top of Fuji
i am nothing but
an ant

being a sponge,
I absorb the seawater
as well as its salt

lilies turn yellow
my love to lilies
stays green

through the mist,
nobody is coming...
an empty nest

poor little louse
living in the mess
of my oily hair

the hot kettle—
is busy looking for—
the water

hand in hand,
we'll climb Mount Fugi—
in tomorrow's dream

the more climbing up—
the less struggle with
the falling rock

climbing up,
towards the dragon's mouth—
an ant

sleepy cat,
giving a great yawn—
to the passing—by rat

one fly,
just one, in my morning—
cup of coffee

a sudden shower,
the cow is seeking refuge
behind the scarecrow

first rainbow—
a crow arguing with
a sparrow

wagging her tail—
finally, the cricket
is under control

oh, Issa:
forty years old, yet, my blood type
is still B*

* B is a rare blood type in Japan.
It carries a sense of melancholy.


Free Verse

Born to Dance with Words

Come dance with me,
with words unlike common words...
High leaps beyond borders,
where you will see
what a butterfly may see
when in love with a rose,
what a cricket can hear
after a heavy rain shower,
what a sea can say
at the first touch with the shore...
Come soar with me,
once with, once against the wind...
across clouds, mountains and hills,
but, under the grace of the moment...
Come defeat the dragon,
fight the dark,
trace the rainbow,
fool the wolf,
eat some of Little Red Riding Hood’s cakes,
wear Cinderella’ charming shoes,
feel the wonder of the word...
For the world
will one day tell—
Merely, those poets can sing,
the sparrows’ merry songs.



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