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 Kirina Klesko

Hi. The December Sketchbook was a fun issue to do. I love the way the issues form themselves with your work and art. I begin an idea, and then let it happen on its own with each person's poetry and art. For example, with Trish Shields' swans last month, I had a flicker of an idea and un-known to me Kevin Ryan had lost his photos of the swans in a computer crash. He had sent them all to me a couple of years ago and I was not even sure I had them, but accidentally I ran across them. So that was the inspiration after reading all of Trish's poems. Kevin was thrilled with the work and glad I had the photos as they are really stunning pictures. Although the computer does not have them in the highest quality in which they were originally in, they still are quite nice.

This month I began a tribute to Betty Kaplan. Betty and I have been talking on the phone for about four years now and she has told me the most fascinating stories of different times in her life. So, I really wanted to get them all together. It took us both down an interesting road, filled with discovery. Betty at first was quite sentimental about all of the poems she had written and tracing her family through a poetry time tunnel.

I think Betty had fun after all and it was a great pleasure working with her. She also stated she had done some watercolors but did not know how to put them on the computer. So a new adventure began with the help of her grandson, Zack, sending the Lion and the Cat artwork from his digital camera. Then a friend of Betty's, Paul Greco—a professional photographer Adventura, Flordia, who lives in the building that Betty resides in—came and took the pictures for her and put them on a disc and sent them to me. What a pleasant surprise they were! What an adventure that was and we hope you like the presentation.

I have to say I am fascinated by the variety of media submitted. Ed Baker has another wonderful exhibition of artwork that tells its own story as does Fred N. Wright, a beat poet who has joined our group TheOutlawPoetsll along with Betty's sensual pastels; Gerry Bravi's poems compliment my own sort of beat collage interrelation.

We have our haiga section which have a variety of haiga from Shanna and Gillena.

Our beautiful Lioness leads us through the issue /cover picture by Helen Bar-Lev along with the sketch work on her pages..

This is truly becoming a wonderful Sketchbook of art and poetry series.

Vaughn Seward and I did a fun collaborative Christmas tanka series. I enjoyed that very much. He is a pleasure to work with.

Thanks to Linda Papalinacolau, for the inspiration and fun exercise from the WHChaikumultimedia group for the Collage Machine ll.

Here is the link—try some !

TheOutlawPoetsII site has been opened for the beat poets whose work is also featured in the Sketchbook. Shanna Baldwin Moore, former Art Director of the Gas House at Venice Beach, has been appointed moderator of that group.

I thank you all for making this so much fun for me!

Here is a link to my New Year's greeting for all of you.

God Bless You All,

Karina Klesko



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