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 John Daleiden

October, November, December—three months of Sketchbook. In September the idea of a e-zine for eastern and western short verse forms seemed like a distant dream. Would there be interest?  Would we get submissions? …and so we announced the launch; Karina Klesko and I have been quite busy ever since.

As the final days of 2006 play out I want to send each writer a greeting and best wishes for 2007. I look forward to a new season of Sketchbook projects and the ever interesting submissions we receive from you poets.



January 2007 Kukai

For the January 2007 kukai submit to The OutlawPoets one to three FREE FORMAT haiku on the theme January weather. In a FREE FORMAT themed haiku there are no exact word requirements. Since the writers in the OutlawPoets group are from various regions of the world the haiku thread will reflect various world wide January weather conditions. This will offer poets and readers a variety of meteorological differences. The only requirement is that the haiku be about the theme of January weather in the region where the poet lives. For the convenience of the reader indicate the geographical location on a line below the author’s name.  Please submit only three poems. The poems may be submitted at different times—it is not necessary to submit the three poems at the same time.

Submit the January FREE FORMAT haiku on the theme of January weather to:

Subject: January weather Free Format haiku
Date: January 1-20, 2007
Vote: Sunday, January 21— Midnight, Saturday, January  27, 2007

winter sun—
in the long shadows
snow turns grey

John Daleiden
Iowa, USA




January 2007 Haiku Thread

The January 2007 haiku thread is birds. Submit an unlimited number of haiku to The OutlawPoets haiku thread between January 1, 2007 and Midnight, Friday, January 26, 2007.



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