Jayne T. Kaplan, US



In History

Antiochus the ruler, the slayer, the torturer
A madman they called him, a madman was he
An idol, a stone, an image of Jupiter,
will be G-d of Israel this idol said he
He told them to worship, to offer to Jupiter
and those who offended died at his sword
Mattathias of Modin and five sons so brave
United all Israel, the Torah to save
Attack from the mountain tops
Attack in surprise
They fought the Greek Syrians
The Torah their prize
Mattathias fought endlessly,
He fought till he died
His son Judah Maccabee, to his struggle abide
Victory three years later came to the Jews
They cleansed all the temple
Its walls to reuse
The oil burned for eight days instead of for one
The peril had ended, the struggle was done

This is a poem my daughter wrote when she was 11 years old and attending Hebrew school. I think it explains the holiday better than I could.

Betty Kaplan



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