E. E. Sule, NG



Free Verse

this moon


is it the exploits of your silent look
the circumcised syllables of your tamed tongue
the humility of your big breasts
the dreamland on your lush lips
that resurrect this spirit in me?

before this your imprint, dear D
my eyes have receded down my mind
fumbled some steps around ashen dream

before this your imprint, dear D
hawks have invaded the vacuumed
room of my eagle
their drops unwanted sacrifice on
the shrine of my emotion

fullmooned on the dazzle of your teeth
iím wedged, hedged and gauged
and for you, D, I spread my limbs
lay the full limbs of my dream
the utter innards of my dream
long riddled by finesse of fakery


and, dear D, this chapter you have brought
with potent grip of sincerity
with a smile that will never know pretence
this chapter you have farmed on barren soil

it is you, only you
can fertilize it

this chapter shall come to harvest
when other tonguesí syllables are spent
when the eagle returns to reclaim
when Iím totally torn by you, dear D

in you, dear D, I find a befitting screw
anointed to be driven down
my whole uninterpreted self
and the mechanism of love will work again

now I relax my mind, dear D
that noon will never mock me again

because youíre the protagonist of the moon



Between our eyes

between your eyes
and my eyes
a syntax of emotion
is riddling, unparsed, ungoverned

between your breasts
and my breasts
a phonetics whistles in awe
untamed, like the eastward breeze of sane morning

between your waist
and my waist
a semantics begs for a simple attention
fluid with wordless rhythms

I rise to bridge these gaps with a kola of smile
Rise, dear, above your terrestrial sentiments
Take and give a kola of smileóthe bridge heals.




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