Brian Strand, UK



A Crystalline Quintet

Forties Christmas

Along narrow streets, carol singing
Boxes rattling, lanterns swinging.



Forties Child

Inkwells in desks with lift-up lids
Tables written out with old pen-nibs.


Forties Pastimes

Fishing for minnows with jar and net
Oft times slipping and getting wet.



Forties Vacations

Exploring fields across the brook
Studying in nature's real-time book.



Forties Summer

Winding brooks fill narrow streams
into rivers of my childhood dreams.


A Quintile Of Doublets

At Daybreak

Reflected in the mirror, a round ball.
Through the east window nature's alarm call.


In View From My French Window

On the brown lawn, yellowed leaves putrify
Temperatures die as daylight hours fly.


In The Deserted Streets

The sounds of loneliness' ejected sigh
erupts from the ruts of nature's highway.


In The Study

Pages of diary scatter the floor
Litter of secret hopes from heretofore.


Love Enters Through The Eyes

When desires meet and emotions convulse
Fixation unties the inner impulse.



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