Betty Kaplan, US



Light Verse

The Traveling Christmas Tree

The time was Christmas week:
A family vacation planned.

But little David said,
"it can't be Christmas
without a Christmas tree".

Sitting in the drug store window
was this sorry little tree
not even a foot high
and as straggly as could be.

But with some Christmas balls
and some tinsel too
it became a little treasure
to take where ere we go.

Everywhere we take
this little traveling tree—
we add another remembrance,
a delight to see.

It's become a family treasure,
our little traveling Christmas tree,
reminding us:

Christmas would not be Christmas
without a tree.




There is a place on my back
Where I can't reach to scratch
Like the place in my heart
that can never be matched.
My lover is gone now—
He can never come back...
The place on my back
I can't reach to scratch.



"As Time Goes By"

When you're alone
Too much time to think...
Life seems to have
gone by in a blink.
Children once small,
now all grown,
living a life
that is all their own.
Turn that corner once again—
Find out what's waiting
'round the bend.




Moving! it's such a trial.
You begin to wonder
is it really worth while?
And why should this be
the time to re-group?
Why can't we just
take it all in one scoop?
But no, we must try to decide
what to part with
or take on the ride.
And then, when we do
finally arrive...
it seems the things
we left behind
are now remembered
and are what we now want!



A cup of coffee tastes so good,
but what would coffee tell you
"if it only could?"

You have your coffee
and you start your day—

Should things not go
as you hoped they would
someone is sure to say,
"have some coffee
and all will feel better."

Should there be a reason
to be really sad,
someone will say,
"I'll get you a cup of coffee—
It will help you get through."

But the best part of coffee
is what it means—
getting together
to share your dreams

When you walk down the hall
to greet your friends
and that wonderful aroma
of coffee is in the air.

You think of the good times,
good friends and getting together
which makes the world feel
just so much better.

Now that's what coffee
would tell you,
"if it only could,"
for that's why coffee
smells so good.




A Widow's Lament

His side of the bed is now empty
So is his favorite chair
His side of the couch has his presence
Though he can never be there

We were once young lovers
who captured a moment
Our first encounter with bliss


Other Moments . . .

They are now all in one package
of joy and pleasure and tears
with a story of a marriage, a love
that lasted over the years



People Watching

People watching
We all do it you know
It can be better
than any show
the elderly couple
holding hands
as they walk in the mall
seeming to be happy
to have experienced all
the young couple
at the table next to you
he whispers sweet nothings
in her ear
not for you
but for her to hear
they have only just begun
will they continue on as one
with people watching
you are in charge of the script
it takes you wherever
your imagination will go
and you are the one
in charge of the show



The Peeled Tomato

I was invited by a school chum to visit and have lunch

We walked into a huge room which was a sight to behold
There was a fireplace in the middle with a hood that looked like gold

The butler came in and asked what we would like to eat
My friend said "stuffed tomatoes" which sounded like a treat

Of all the wondrous glamour, an experience I must say
What impressed me the most and I remember to this day

When the butler served the "stuffed tomatoes" upon a silver tray
The skin on those tomatoes had been peeled away



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