Of Lions and Lambs



Shanna Baldwin Moore


as the lamb
Jesus was born
asks we remember
his death by the lions of state
not his birth



Cristian Mocanu

The Lamb and Lion Lunes*

Try opening Isaiah:
a lamb, meek and dumb
led to slaughter.

The royal lions
blocked up their mouths and
Daniel was spared.

Find the key
further in the Books*
not in nature.

Victory at last!
The Lamb becomes the Lion
of Judah's tribe.

*Lune (French fo0r "moon") invented by Robert Kelly in the 1960's

**The Greek word for 'Bible' (Biblia) is actually a plural.



John Tiong Chunghoo, MY

lion and lamb

lion when it roars
reminds me of the power
of god that resonates
through the ages

lamb when it bleats
reminds me of the soft spot
of god for the human race

there on the cross
his sacrifice for us

lion when it roars
reminds me of the power
behind its huge frame

lamb when it bleats
reminds me of how
kindliness and innocence
can sometimes melt even a lion's heart


John Daleiden


lion and lamb
lie down beside each otheró
the stuff of dreams



Zhanna P. Rader

Of Lions and Lambs

Lions are big,
Lions are fierce.
Lambs - they are soft
And unsure.

Lion's teeth can
Grab you and pierce.
If you're a lamb,
You're a lure.

How can a lion
Become a lambís friend?
Can a lamb, too,
Be a winner?

Time and again,
We see the same end:
Lambs become big
Lionsí dinner.



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