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 Nnorom Azuonye is the author of The Bridge Selection: Poems For The Road (2005) and Letter To God & Other Poems (2003). He has published widely in print and e-journals including Orbis, Drumvoices Revue, World Haiku Review, Eclectica Magazine and Keystone among others. He is the Founder/Administrator of Sentinel Poetry Movement and Managing Editor, SPM Publications - the publishing arm of Sentinel Poetry Movement - publishers of Sentinel Poetry (Online) and Sentinel Poetry Quarterly (Print).

Ed Baker

Ed Baker
here 66 years
lives his writing and art..

Recent works: Things Just Come Through (Red Ochre Press, 2006),
POINTS/COUNTERPOINTS (2006/1972), RESTORATION LETTERS (Corman-Baker correspondence: 1972-2003, tel let press), Song of Chin, full moon,Wild Orchid, Stone Girl E-Pic, vols 2 & 3 (tel let), Stone Girl E-Pic, Vol. 5 via Ed's web site:

Ed has recently put out his first issue of DOZEN magazine
featuring Chuck Sandy & John Vieira also including - Bob Arnold, Ed Baker, Shizumi Corman, Ted Enslin, David Giannini, John Levy, John Martone, John Phillips, Jeremy Seligson, and Karma Tenzing Waaaangchuk Ed has more than 55,000 poems, 400 watercolors, 600 3-d pieces...and adds to, every moment;

from behind
full moon

Helen Bar-Lev was born in New York City in 1942. She has lived in Israel for 35 years. She holds a degree in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge, 1972. Since 1976 Helen has devoted herself to art: painting, teaching and writing poetry. From 1989 until 2001 she was a member of the Safad Artists’ Colony in the Upper Galilee where she had her own gallery.

Today Helen paints and teaches in Jerusalem. To date Bar-Lev has participated in 80 exhibitions, including 30 one-person shows. Her poems and paintings have appeared in many online journals such as The Other Voices International Project, The Coffee Press Journal, Boheme Magazine, The Poetry Bridge, River Bones Press and also print anthologies, including Meeting of the Minds Journal, Voices Israel Anthology, Manifold Magazine of New Poetry, Lucidity Poetry Journal and Across The Long Bridge, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Sailing in the Mist of Time, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Harvest International, Palabras-Press, Poesy first international issue.

Helen is a member of Voices Israel English Poetry Society and The Israel Artists’ and Sculptors’ Association. She is the global correspondent in Israel for the Poetry Bridge and Editor-in-Chief of the Voices Israel annual Anthology.

Gerald Bravi from Winnipeg , Manitoba , is an educational psychologist and holds a Ph.D. in that area. He began writing poetry at an early age, but this
passion was shelved as his career took most of his time. In 1998 he became involved in writing again and now spends more time at this endeavor. He enjoys writing in all forms and loves experimenting with each. His poetry has been published in a number of anthologies, e-zines and journals.

Daniela Draghia-Bullas (signs her works as Daniela) was born in 1969 in Deva, Romania. Holds a degree in archaeology and museology. Following her marriage, she lives in the U.K. since 2001. She started writing poetry and prose in her teens. Her short stories won her the "Scanteia tineretului"Award (1988). Her editorial debut was the "Umbra Libelulei" (Dragonfly's Shadow) anthology (Edit. SRH, Bucharest, 1993). Between 2003 and 2005 she was a member of the editorial staff of two Romanian magazines "Ardealul literar" and "Calauza noastra". Since 2005 she is a member of the Hunedoara County (Romania) Writers'Association. Books published: -Dictionarul verbelor neregulate din limba engleza/Dictionary of English Irregular Verbs(together with Cristian Mocanu)(Edit.Ianua, Deva, 1994) -- (C)opyright sign (poetry)(2002, Calauza vb; 2004, Calauza vb, 2006. Lulu – bilingual editions: Romanian-English) - Scufita Albastra [Little Blue Riding Hood](children's prose) (2005, Calauza vb, inRomanian). - Little Blue Riding Hood (2006, Lulu, in English) Website Writer’s English Website:

John Tiong Chunghoo: "I started writing poetry during my secondary school
years after having been introduced to greats like Blake, Clare, William Wordsworth, and Shakespeare among others. During the early 2000s, I fell in love with Matsuo Basho on the net after signing up with a
site to have a poem delivered to me every day;  his haiku is really great. It always succeeds to set me into another realm. I have written thousands of poems posted on the world wide web. Readers need only to
google my name john tiong chunghoo to get to them. Now I am working as a travel journalist with the New Straits Times, one of the oldest English dailies in Asia."

Gillena Cox lives in St James, on the island of Trinidad -of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She was born in 1950. She is mother of a daughter named Yanda, and a son named Khama. She writes poetry for the sheer joy of writing and is published in anthologies from Poetry dot com and Midnight Edition dot com. Her work can be read at numerous e journals. She is known
particulary for her "stitchaiga" (haiku presented on sewn pictures). Her website "PatchWork" is at

John Daleiden lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa, a rural community south-east of Des Moines, Iowa. He has retired after teaching 43 years as a high school Language Arts teacher. After retirement he returned to writing poetry. His work has appeared in Amaze # 9, World Haiku Review: The Poetrybridge, Lynx, May Dazed, The Scorched Earth, Full Moon, Temps Libres - Free Times, and other e-zines.

Andreas Gripp is a London, Ontario poet and writer. He lives with his cats, "Clea" and "Sheba". He is the author of six books of poetry as well as six chapbooks. His website can be found at

Elizabeth Howard lives in a country home on the Cumberland Plateau near Crossville, Tennessee. Her work has been published in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, South by Southeast, Mariposa, The Nor’easter, Ribbons, American Tanka, Lynx, and other journals.

Betty Kaplan. Retired from the Fashion Industry. Used to arrange clothes. Now arranging words. Started to write haiku five years ago. Published in Frogpond, Lynx, Woodpecker, South by Southeast, World Haiku Review, and American Tanka.

M. Kei lives on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, USA. He crews aboard a skipjack, a traditional wooden sailboat used to fish for oysters. He also serves as a member of the board of directors for a local maritime museum. His poetry has been accepted for publication by Eucalypt (AUS), Kokako (NZ), Gusts (CAN), American Tanka, Modern English Tanka, Wisteria, Bottle Rockets, Red Lights, Ribbons, Moonset, Nisqually Delta Review, Haiku Harvest, Lynx, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Simply Haiku, Mayfly, Cecil Soil, Cecil Child, and others. His work also appears in the anthologies Sixty Sunflowers, To Find the Moon, and Haiku Miscellany (CRO). He moderates the Kyoka Mad Poems e-list and edits the Chesapeake Bay Saijiki. He is also the Editor of Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart, on the theme of love and passion, now available from   M. Kei can be contacted through his blog at

Rich Magahiz is a former Californian, former scientist, current entrepreneur, current blogger, future mystic, future recollection. He is originally from San Francisco but lives with his wife in the suburbs of New York city. Trained as an experimental particle physicist, he owns his own small business and writes in his free time. His work appears online and in print at World Haiku Review, Autumn Leaves, Amaze, iscifistory, tinywords, Abyss & Apex, clouds peak, Tales from the Moonlit Path, LYNX, and Triptych Haiku. Poems of his will be in forthcoming issues of Scifaikuest, The Sword Review, Dreams and Nightmares, and The Shantytown Anomaly. His website is at

Terra Martin is a Toronto Ontario therapist; stainglass artist, potter and seminarian. Her writing over the last 15 years deals with self-help subjects in the form of individual and personal seminars. She has written poetry in several forms but has always admired and studied haiku. She recently turned her pen in this direction.

Cristian Mocanu was born on August 8-th, 1968 in Deva, Romania, where he still lives and works as a freelance translator/interpreter. He holds a B.A. in English and Romanian litterature from the Bucharest University (1993). He started writing poetry (Western and Eastern style, in several languages) as a teenager. His poetry was included in several Romanian antologies. He received numerous awards, among which: A) In Romania: "Ion Minulescu" Poetry Contest & Festival (1995):1-st prize,"Porni Luceafarul" Poetry Contest & Festival (1996):3-rd prize,The "Lumina Crestinului" Religious Poetry Award for the year 1998. B) Outside Romania: The “Pesme na jastuku” Contest (ex-Yugoslavia)  3-rd prize (1990), 2-nd prize (1991), the “Benvenuta Europa” Contest & Festival (Rome, Italy), prize for the Poetry section; the Suruga Baika Litterary Festival, Japan, Honourable Mention (2004). At present he is a contributor to various poetry webzines, including:LYNX,, “Haiku Harvest”, “World Haiku Review”, “Karolina Rijecka”. He is the editor of the Romanian Saijiki for the World Haiku Club. His first books of poetry (in Romanian and English) are due in the near future.

Shanna Baldwin Moore. well lets see originally from the tall tree country of Washington state I surfed the tree tops in the wind... My grandmother was a poet in Greenwich Village and inspired me to write...I am also a painter in oil and this was what connected me to the beat poets I was the art director of the gas house in Venice we had poetry readings to jazz and learned this awesome sound of music to poetry.. came to Hawaii 36 years ago for a vacation and I'm still vacationing...a lot of my artwork was of Pele the goddess of the volcano and now I write for Hawaiian poetry can be found at "my town"

hope to have a book out by the end of the year

Rita Odeh is a Christian Palestinian who was born in Nazareth and, following a B. A. in English and Comparative Literature from Haifa University, returned to teach high school in her hometown. A member of the World Haiku Association, she has published five books of poetry in Arabic, and maintains a trilingual website where her poetry may be read in Arabic, English and Dutch    She began writing haiku on Oct.15, 2006. Since then she's devoting all her time to this type of poetry since she believes that : the scent, not the flower, is driving her crazy.

Zhanna P. Rader writes a variety of poetry and short stories in Russian, her native language, as well as in English. She is the moderator of WHCRussian haiku forum of the World Haiku Club and has been an editor of World Haiku Review. She is also the President of the Athens, Georgia, Branch of American League of Pen Women. She is a winner of many haiku, senryu and children's poem contests. She has been published since 1986 in numerous magazines, anthologies and books, among which are the following: Amaze; Brussels Sprout;
Canadian Zen Haiku canadien; Cicada; The Daily Yomiuri; Dragonfly; Ecopoems. Winners of the Rhyming Haiku, 1991; Four Seasons. Haiku Anthology,  1991; Frogpond; Haiku Canada Newsletter; Haiku Zashi Zo; Haikumena; Hermitage; How to Write and Publish Poetry. Larry Gross. Tallahassee, Florida, 1990; In Buddha’s Temple; Ko; Lishanu; Lynx; The Lyric; Mainichi News; Mayfly; Midwest Poetry Review; Modern Haiku; “Na Pua’oli  puke’eono”. Anthology of H EA; South by Southeast; New Cicada; Nightshade; Pine Mountain, Sand & Gravel; Only Morning in Her Shoes, Utah, 1990; "The Reach of Song," Georgia State Poetry Society; The Red Pagoda; Russia House; Short Stuff; Simply Haiku; Sketchbook; Ulitka; Wind Chimes; World Haiku Review; “Write On, HEA! Hawaii; Yellow Moon.

Helen Ruggieri lives in Olean, NY. A book of haibun,The Character for Kokoro (Spirit), will be out soon from Recent essays have appeared in anthologies: Illuminations: Expressions of the Personal Spiritual (Celestial Arts Press) and in In Pieces: An Anthology of Fragmentary Writing (Impassio Press). 

Kevin Ryan is the Director of Charnwood Arts, a committed community artist, a keen photographer, writer and haijin. He has published a wide range of books and magazines and has developed, managed, produced or delivered well over 1,000 different arts programmes, projects, residencies, festivals and events across all art forums. He is also a documentary short video maker and an Ustad in a South Asian martial art.

Vaughn Seward (aka Masago) is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and became interested in Haiku in 2005. He has since written numerous haiku, senyru, and tanka. He participates in several Yahoo haiku news groups and in Februrary, 2006 started a haiku blog ( In April, 2006, after being involved in several Renku projects he discovered the idea of 3x3 interlocking renku. Later this came to be known as Rubricku ( Vaughn joined TheOutlawPoets in September, 2006.

Trish Shields studied Fine Arts and creative writing at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Her first book of poetry, Soul Speak, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in 2001. Her poetry and short stories are published internationally. Trish’s first novel, Inferno, was on The Open Book’s best seller’s list for 2004. The Canadian Poetry Association, The League of Canadian Poets and the Canadian-Cuba Literary Alliance are a few of the literary associations she belongs to. She lives on Vancouver Island.
Brian Strand lives in Buckinghamshie, England (where he was born) and is now retired. Some of Brian's writings (and some artwork) have been published in a variety of small press magazines including Amaze, and a number of internet poetry magazines. Brian has edited two isbn booklets, Shorthand of the Heart (on short poetic form) and Flowers of Life (American cinquains of William Soutar). 

Brian Strand lives in Buckinghamshrie, England (where he was born) and is
now retired. Some of Brian's writings (and some artwork) have been
published in a variety of small press magazines including Amaze, and a
number of internet poetry magazines. Brian Strand has published three chapbook: William Soutar, Flowers of Life: A Selection of Cinquains, Brian Strand, editor; Shorthand of the Heart: A selection of poetic form, edited by Brian Strand; and POIEMA: A selection of Ekphrasis poems, by Brian Strand.

Craig Tigerman was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Illinois for over 50 years with an eye on south Florida. He has published two volumes of poetry, "Indigo Avenue" and "Tigertale," selections from over 30 years of writing. Craig is most comfortable writing structured lyrical poetry, having also composed many dozens of original songs. "Rhythm and rhyme are key to making a poem memorable," he states. Craig is married, has four children and two grandsons. By day he is a software support specialist for a well-known computer company. He fervently prays daily for a massive outbreak of peace and love throughout the world.

Max Verhart (1944, the Netherlands) writes and publishes haiku since
about 1980. 1999-2003 president of the Haiku Circle Netherlands, since
2003 editor of Vuursteen (Flint), the oldest haiku journal in Europe.
Member of the editorial staff of the Red Moon Anthology (USA) since
2002. Translations published in English, German, Greek, Japanese,
Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian , Polish, French.

Linda Willets has been in Photography for about five years. I shoot with Nikon cameras. My passion is floral photography. I love to get close up to my subjects. I love to take photos of flowers from the back , a view most miss but there is much beauty. The plant is Jimpson Weed. I'm in Arizona, USA. I live in Southwest part of the state. The photo was taken at the Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden.

A.D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet, writer and photographer. Graduate of San Francisco State University. Former editor and publisher of Second Coming. Widely published.

F.N. Wright was born and raised in Mattoon, Illinois. He enlisted in the Navy at age 17 and spent four years with Naval Amphibious Forces. He is a Veteran of the Quemoy-Matsu Islands Crisis & the Vietnam War. He now resides in the coastal mountains of Southern California where he paints and writes.




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