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New North American Short-Poem Contest

 Deadline December 31

William Higginson has notified The OutlawPoets about the rules for a new short-poem contest with specific requests for haiku, senryu, tanka, and "poems up to 15 lines", for residents of North America. (Entries must be sent by post or hand delivered in NYC.) Penny and I are the "local judges" for this contest, and will forward our top selections to Japan where a final selection for a grand-prize winner will be made. Said winner will receive "a round-trip air ticket to Japan". The following types of poems may be submitted: haiku (3 lines); senryu (3 lines); tanka (5 lines); short poems (up to 15 lines). Each person may submit up to 5 entries. No entry fee is required.  Here are the rules:

Higginson writes that "Biken International conducted a similar art exhibition in Russia (I presume Moscow, but don't know for sure) one or two years ago, and ran a similar contest in conjunction with that event. I am told the previous contest received about 400 entries. Since that seems like a very small pool of entries for such a substantial prize, I suggested to them that we provide easy web access to the rules so that more people might learn of the contest and participate. They agreed, and to that end, I constructed the web page listed above."

See the rules for complete details about preparing and mailing an entry by December 31, 2006.




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