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Who Is Cid Corman?—Biographical Information from University of Deleware Library Literature Special Collections Department

Ed Baker, US

Photo gallery by Ed Baker—Ed took all the pictures except the three in which he appears. Fifty-one photos.

John Martone, US

Photo—Cid Corman, Ed Baker, Ted Enslin, Chuck Sandy

Fred Jeremy Seligson, US—The Book of Trees for Cid & Shizumi Corman

A new selection of Cid Corman's Poetry to be published  in April, 2008.

The Next One Thousand Years, Selected Poems of Cid Corman. Ce Rosenow and Bob Arnold, editors.   Longhouse Publishers: Guilford, Vermont 05301.  224 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-929048-08-3.  $16.95.

Longhouse Publishers, Bob and Susan Arnold, 1604 River Road, Guilford, Vermont 05301.   802-254-4242

Read about  The Next One Thousand Years


A Bibliography of inter-net links to Cid Corman information

Cid Corman, Papers, 1942-76

Corman: Origin: Third Series, Paprs, 1941-1985 (bulk 1966-1971)

Corman: Origin: Fourth Series, Papers, 1972-82

 University of Delaware Library: Cid Corman Letters to David Giannini





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