Gillina Cox, TT




The Fold


Dawn And Quiet


Loud, the voices of men, in the quiet street,
And early morning noises from garbage trucks;
Workers risen so diligently, on their feet,
Clear the way for another day;
That ritual commotion in the quiet street,
Announce the return, from the realm of sleep;
Yet, still not heard, a birdie’s tweet;
Day in, day out, there will be rubbish;
The tropical air, cool, will greet,
Those coming in from the night,
Conscious, to early risers in the quiet street.



THE FOLD: An Experimental Short Form


In 2007 Gillena Cox, TT created the fold form. THE FOLD takes credibility from haiku; it shares moments which are special simply and exactly. Grasping the tools of juxtaposition and contrast, THE FOLD crafts itself into a rhyming form of ELEVEN lines—unlike its three lined haiku progenitor. There is one rhyme continuing throughout the poem, occurring at every other line: uneven lines rhyme. Lines ONE FIVE, and ELEVEN carry the same last phrase, to form the EDGES of the FOLD. Line ONE repeats at line FIVE which is the CREASE of the FOLD.

Why eleven lines? I was born on the eleventh day of the month.

Mud (2-2), Span of Eternity (6-1); Span of Eternity (6-1); Handbook (2-2): published in previous Sketchbook issues


Gillena Cox, TT and Vaughn Seward, CA—Renhai No. 304: Sweet Production

Vaughn Seward, CA and Gillena Cox, TTRenhai No. 303: The Shape of Love









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