September / October 31, 2011 "cemetery" Haiku Thread



Announcing the September / October 31, 2011 "cemetery" Haiku Thread

The theme of the September / October 31, 2011 haiku thread will be anything to do with a "cemetery", of any kind in the northern or southern hemisphere.  It is not necessary to use the word cemetery, but the meaning must be obvious.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "cemetery" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: 
Sep / Oct 2011 "cemetery" Haiku Thread

Deadline: Midnight Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at Sep / Oct 2011 "cemetery" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choices from this thread for publication in the Monday, October 31, 2011 Sketchbook.

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Read the September / October 31,  2011 "cemetery" Haiku Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden, Guest Bernard Gieske


The following poets have contributed to the September / October 31,  2011 "cemetery" Haiku Thread

Forty-six haijin from thirteen countries contributed two hundred and sixteen haiku to the "cemetery" Haiku Thread.

Participants: Ramesh Anand, Malaysia (MY); Angelo Ancheta, PH; Karin Anderson, AU; Marg Beverland, NZ; Rhiannon Bond, NZ;  Bouwe Brouwer, NL; S.E. Buffington, US; Kirsten Cliff, NZ; Kat Creighton, US; John Daleiden, US; Smajil Durmišević, BA; Bernard Gieske, US; Michele L. Harvey, US; Dan Hardison, US; Cara Holman, US;  Tzetzka Ilieva, BG; Harvey Jenkins, CA; Agop Kevorkian, AM (Armenia); Munia Khan, BD; Evica Kraljic, CR; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Sandra Martyres, IN; Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL; Malvina Mileta, CR; Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO; Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR; Kathy Nguyen US; Karen O'Leary, US; Sergio A. Ortiz, US; Scott Owens, US; P K Padhy, IN; Stella Pierides, DE; Marija Pogorilić, CR;  Vera Primorac, CR; Emily Romano, US ; Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR; Janak Sapkota, Nepal (NP); Radhey Shiam, IN; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Zeljko Spoljar, CR;  Vania Stefanova, BG; Gheorghe Postelnicu Stops, RO; Irena Szewczyk, PL; Juhani Tikkanen, FN; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Angie Werren, US

Countries:  Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, United States 

silent prayers…
mother’s gravestone
covered in moss

# 01. Sergio A. Ortiz, US


an abandoned letter

# 02. Janak Sapkota, Nepal (NP)

heaviest rain
from the old crosses
flows rust

# 03. Vania Stefanova, BG

the cortege moves
a long black snake

# 04. Sandra Martyres, IN

the wind howls
willow leaves cover
two new graves

# 05. Karen O'Leary, US

broken tombstones—
picking blackberries
sunburnt children

# 06. Marg Beverland, NZ

old cemetery—
Gypsies thieving wooden crosses
... winter comes

# 07. Gheorghe Postelnicu Stops, RO

a reminder
“Life Doesn’t Pay”

# 08. Munia Khan BD

prayer threads—
a gravedigger digs
a little deeper

# 09. Ramesh Anand, Malaysia (MY)

in the graveyard
birds are clamorous
graves are silent

# 10. Radhey Shiam, IN

I brush aside leaves
to read their names…
cold granite

# 11. Cara Holman, US

a bronze soldier
under the setting sun
angel of death

# 12. Agop Kevorkian, AM (Armenia)

graveyard ginko
the haijin writes
his epitaph

# 13. S.E. Buffington, US

mother tenderly
embracing her son's

# 14. Marija Pogorilić, CR

about to rain—
tombstones touching
lowering skies

# 15. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

poppies bloom
among the rows of crosses
a fleeting cloud

# 16. Chen-ou Liu, CA

a promenade
throughout the cemetery...
nameless tombstones

# 17. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

forgotten cemetery
passing train
riders nod in sleep

# 18. Bernard Gieske, US

village cemetery—
an apple tree bowed
over the fence

# 19. Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO

rain runs down
through everyone’s name

# 20. Scott Owens, US

9/11 morning
memories of dear ones
on swollen tears

# 21. P K Padhy, IN

a death anniversary—
on the tomb
a single flower

# 22. Vera Primorac, CR

old tomb—
the butterfly away from
lizard’s reach

# 23. P K Padhy, IN

a tombstone—
prestige without woe
and the mirror of might

# 24. Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR

a lone silence
pacing over the cemetery—
tear in the eye

# 25. Evica Kraljic, CR

barefoot she runs
to her boyfriend’s grave
pine needles

# 26. Karin Anderson, AU

wind picking up
the cemetery
alive with leaves

# 27. Michele L. Harvey, US

a tombstone
gilded angels dance
on grey marble

# 28. Zeljko Spoljar, CR

Life at the cemetery—
from a tiny bush of dry grass
peering primroses

# 29. Smajil Durmišević, BA

last wish—
on my gravestone
gendai haiku

# 30. Stella Pierides, DE

march against violence
cherubs view
the orchid blossom

# 31. Sergio A. Ortiz, US

a single red rose
on his grave
his lover's last gift

# 32. Sandra Martyres, IN

beside Buddha’s picture…
field of bones

# 33. Sergio A. Ortiz, US

black veil
red eyes
she joins the mourners

# 34. Sandra Martyres, IN

seeing . . . not seeing . . .
my sister's name
carved in stone

# 35. Marg Beverland, NZ

from afar
a glow in the cemetry
a ghost's party?

# 36. Sandra Martyres, IN

bodydownpour ...
as if will set sail
even tombstones

# 37. Vania Stefanova, BG

cold marble
like the remains it covers
death freezes

# 38. Sandra Martyres, IN

a cruel invitation
to the other side

# 39. Munia Khan, BD

death and despair
go hand in hand
she cries

# 40. Sandra Martyres, IN

ultimate destination
towards the unknown

# 41. Munia Khan, BD

grandparents die
gravestones stand testimony
to sad memories

# 42. Sandra Martyres, IN

I’m still standing
six feet from the edge

a cool cemetery

# 43. Munia Khan, BD

sitting on his grave
she sheds bitter tears at night
the owls listen

# 44. Sandra Martyres, IN

sinner’s grave
saint’s earth

# 45. Munia Khan, BD

all souls' day—
white rose posies
decorate the graves

# 46. Sandra Martyres, IN

all the beds
narrow as a knife—
the cemetery

#47. Munia Khan, BD

a pool of tears
refreshes the flowers
a freshly dug grave

# 48. Sandra Martyres, IN

better than a sty
once you’re dead

# 49. Munia Khan, BD

a discarded ring
lies next to his grave
she is moving on

# 50. Sandra Martyres, IN

rally of tombstones
to defend death—
a cemetery

# 51. Munia Khan, BD

a hooting owl
in the cemetery
the call of death

# 52. Sandra Martyres, IN

forty steps from here
the gate of my burial
blue cemetery

# 53. Munia Khan BD

a dark cloud
over the cemetery
heaven mourns his death

# 54. Sandra Martyres, IN

a designated land
of soulless bodies

# 55. Munia Khan, BD

saints and sinners
death makes not a difference
same cemetery

# 56. Sandra Martyres, IN

the crematorium—
life dares to accept
a cemetery

# 57. Munia Khan, BD

his dog protects him
even in death
barking at his grave

# 58. Sandra Martyres, IN

ceremony of death
on a misty ground
floral cemetery

# 59. Munia Khan, BD

cemetery mice
scamper around freely
the dead do not care

# 60. Sandra Martyres, IN

calmest place
on earth

# 61. Munia Khan, BD

black veil and red nose
she walks to the cemetery
a young widow

# 62. Sandra Martyres, IN

bright moon
a faded headstone
in the cemetery

# 63. Ramesh Anand, Malaysia (MY)

flowers bloom
around the graves
none to praise

# 64. Radhey Shiam, IN

she visits
the park to buy
…her boneyard

# 65. Ramesh Anand, Malaysia (MY)

in the graveyard
whispers of ghosts
people in awe

# 66. Radhey Shiam, IN

autumn leaves—
grave markers blanketed
in heavy fog

# 67. Cara Holman, US

he lays a wreath
on his wife’s grave
tears tickle down

# 68. Radhey Shiam, IN

graveside service
the whisper of wind
through the pines

# 69. Cara Holman, US

a ghost reads
the cenotaph...
its smiles in silence

# 70. Radhey Shiam, IN

pioneer cemetery
soft moss clings
to the headstones

# 71. Cara Holman, US

sounds of crockery
in the graveyard
the watchman puzzled

# 72. Radhey Shiam, IN

side by side
their names, in stone…

# 73. Cara Holman, US

near the graves
sounds of shoes...
no one visible

# 74. Radhey Shiam, IN

a river stone
still warm from my pocket
on their grave

# 75. Cara Holman, US

the spirit leaves
an inert body
undertaker smiles

# 76. Sandra Martyres, IN

an eternal resting place—
even the last tomb dives
into autumn fog

# 77. Marija Pogorilić, CR

grave diggers stand by
each new fatality
fresh business

# 78. Sandra Martyres, IN

from the cemetery chapel
fragrance of wax

# 79. Marija Pogorilić, CR

black coats and strong arms
pall bearers
in uniform

# 80. Sandra Martyres, IN

poeple by the tomb
interested in
a young widow

# 81. Marija Pogorilić, CR

autumn sunset
tombstones' shadows lower
down the hill

# 82. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

an open tomb
grave digger under a cypress
waits for the coffin

# 83. Marija Pogorilić, CR

old cemetery—
the wind whistles among
loose stony teeth

# 84. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

a new row
of white crosses...
sunlit Arlington

# 85. Chen-ou Liu, CA

between the gravestones
black ants
march in file

# 86. Bernard Gieske, US

“Carpe Diem”
on his gravestone
winter light

# 87. Chen-ou Liu, CA

wintry day
baby’s tombstone
etched in white

# 88. Bernard Gieske, US

church graveyard
a cloud of crows hover
over stone angels

# 89. Chen-ou Liu, CA

from the bouquet
on the grave
black bird steals a ribbon

# 90. Bernard Gieske, US

alone by her grave
gazing at the autumn moon
silence between us

# 91. Chen-ou Liu, CA

by the tombstone
soldier boots
final journey

# 92. Bernard Gieske, US

peaceful rendezvous
with my sleepy father

# 93. Munia Khan, BD

after the storm
at the grave site
lingering rain drops

# 94. Bernard Gieske, US

cemetery at noon…
your shadow
beside mine

# 95. Vania Stefanova, BG

at the burial
fills the void

# 96. Bernard Gieske, US

tall fir in the graveyard—
a broken angel's wing

# 97. Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, RO

abandoned cemetery
one trumpet lily
still blooms

# 98. Bernard Gieske, US

bright moon
all in the cemetery
rest in peace

# 99. Karen O'Leary, US

overgrown cemetery
bees, spiders, and snakes
Reside In Peace

# 100. Bernard Gieske, US

a lanky dog
by his master's grave:
the long wait

# 101. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

I sit alone
at her sunlit grave site
two white butterflies

# 102. Chen-ou Liu, CA

teary-eyed mourners
gather round the grave ...
a final farewell

# 103. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

For Sale sign
on a cemetery plot
winter wind

# 104. Chen-ou Liu, CA

a wet cemetery ...
wind blowing through
the willow trees

#105. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

crescent moon
the old man returns
from no where

# 106. P K Padhy, IN

spruced-up graves
upon spruced-up graves ...
All Saints' glow

# 107. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

floral offerings—
the butterfly tenders
its condolences

# 108. P K Padhy, IN

beyond the grave ...
looking for answers
to today's questions

# 109. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

dead lives
in silence

# 110. P K Padhy, IN

a glimmer
upon the cemetery ...
the full moon

# 111. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

solitary tomb—
darkness veils on
lone bird

# 112. P K Padhy, IN

a dead day
dear Lord,
such peace!

# 113. Vera Primorac, CR

shadow of
a fruit-laden tree—
teenager’s tomb

# 114. P K Padhy, IN

among the pine trees

# 115. Vera Primorac, CR

dead silence—
conversing myself with
broken voice

# 116. P K Padhy, IN

all Saint's Day—
bouquet next to a bouquet
and bouquet of memories

# 117. Vera Primorac, CR

burial ground—
wild grasses between
the family graveyards

# 118. P K Padhy, IN

the tombstone
even on it ravages
of time

# 119. Vera Primorac, CR

salt crystals
on a black tombstone
tears of remorse

# 120. Sandra Martyres, IN

graves of beloved ones
where is my
resting place?

# 121. Vera Primorac, CR

an owl hoots
in the graveyard
the ghost passes by

# 122. Sandra Martyres, IN

flowers on the grave
a prayer for mother
and father

# 123. Vera Primorac, CR

broken white lilies
lie around the grave
mice at play

# 124. Sandra Martyres, IN

at the cemetery—
from birth to death
only a breath and sigh

# 125. Vera Primorac, CR

a shroud of smoke
burning candles, growing silence
the fragrance of chrysantemums

# 126. Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR

after the cemetery
in the front of birth house
memories overgrown by weeds

# 127. Vera Primorac, CR

candle's flame
mirrored in the tombstone
mitigated pain

# 128. Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR

a hero’s tomb
overgrown by weeds
to oblivion

# 129. Vera Primorac, CR

silence and dark
the cemetery full life,
crickets and fireflies

# 130. Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR.

Italian marble
covering his remains
white chrysanthemums

# 131. Sandra Martyres, IN

shaking lanterns
for sleeping souls—
trembling for us

# 132. Ljudmila Milena Mršić CR

for all gone souls—
trembling hands

# 133. Evica Kraljic, CR 

Her dead doll’s birthday
grave’s cupcake
and dandelion puff

# 134. Karin Anderson, AU

you, my friend—
let the dream of eternity
spread your arms

# 135. Evica Kraljic, CR 

ghost gum creaks
to turning dead
grave’s midnight shift

# 136. Karin Anderson, AU

a broken heart—
watering flowers on her son's tomb
with her tears

# 137. Evica Kraljic, CR 

cemetery‘s blood moon
cannibal bat flies
on owl’s whoos

# 138. Karin Anderson, AU

creaking bones—
the graveyard gate
swings wide

# 139. Michele L. Harvey, US

his bride’s grave
he covers it with
passion flowers

# 140. Karin Anderson, AU

graveside funeral
a robin listens
to the grass

# 141. Michele L. Harvey, US

bruised cloud drift
children play knuckle bones
on gravestones

# 142. Karin Anderson, AU

mother's tomb
covered with the snow

# 143. Zeljko Spoljar, CR

drought cracked land
for Spring lambs

# 144. Karin Anderson, AU

an old cemetery
with many cypresses
on guard

# 145. Zeljko Spoljar, CR

song colour of love
drains the corpse
funeral service

# 146. Karin Anderson, AU

misty morning
the bell wakes silence
of the cemetery

# 147. Zeljko Spoljar, CR

cardboard grave
wind’s rain rips
bark to pulp

# 148. Karin Anderson, AU

Near a roaring river Žepa
tombstones, flowers and trash
our signs!

# 149. Smajil Durmišević, BA

upright cypress for

# 150. Stella Pierides, DE

Sad graves,
lonely among many, there
in a deserted village!

# 151. Smajil Durmišević, BA

lying deep—
only the daffodils push up
from below

# 152. Stella Pierides, DE

A fallen leaf
lying on an old marble tomb,
to become the stone

# 153. Smajil Durmišević, BA

the distance travelled—

# 154. Stella Pierides, DE

Old marble tombstones
drowning into the birthplace
with Bosnia

# 155. Smajil Durmišević, BA

planting crocuses—
at the grave she meets her new

# 156. Stella Pierides, DE

gravestones the scent of wilting flowers

# 157. Rhiannon Bond, NZ

a candle flame
illuminates your smile—
photo on your tomb

# 158. Irena Szewczyk, PL

war cemetery—
at every grave
a heavy stone

# 159. Bouwe Brouwer, NL

a dull thud
deadened by the screaming bird—
falling soil

# 160. Irena Szewczyk, PL

seaside church—
in between the graves
wild oats

# 161. Bouwe Brouwer, NL 

playing hide and seek
in the same cemetery

# 162. Liudmila Petrova, UA (Ukraine)

a lamb
on a headstone...
April clouds

# 163. Michele L. Harvey, US

yellow leaves—
a raking-man trying to catch
all of them

# 164. Juhani Tikkanen, FN

moment of silence...
a mourning dove's call
fills the cemetery

# 165. Michele L. Harvey, US

old cemetery
crowded with fresh
yellow leaves

# 166. Juhani Tikkanen, FN

man and wife
their stones incline
toward each other

# 167. Michele L. Harvey, US

granite marker
such a complex life summed up
in so few words

# 168. Harvey Jenkins, CA

startled pigeons
we try to find our footing
around the graveside

# 169. Harvey Jenkins, CA

where a hyphen
means so much

# 170. Dan Hardison, US

the moon shows me
how lichen has cushioned
your chiseled name

# 171. Emily Romano, US

a hawk circles
as the funeral ends
final farewell

# 172. Dan Hardison, US

family plot—
between Mom and Dad
three small stones

# 173. S.E. Buffington, US

scattered autumn
the old man’s gravestone covered
with trumpet vine

# 174. Angie Werren, US

I leave a treat
on Grampa's grave

# 175. S.E. Buffington, US

reading you
between the lines...

# 176. Angelo Ancheta, PH

on our second date
I meet your best friend

# 177. S.E. Buffington

Catholic graveyard...
ants crawl
in the cracks

# 178. Kirsten Cliff, NZ

mother's day
fog follows me home
from the cemetery

# 179. Kat Creighton, US

churchyard graves...
a fresh bunch of flowers
beside the fallen angel

# 180. Kirsten Cliff, NZ

grave tending
the mistress makes peace
with her past

# 181. Kat Creighton, US 

at his headstone
the wife waters the grass
with his favorite beer

# 182. Kathy Nguyen, US

carved in stone
my first boyfriend's name . . .
home town cemetery

# 183. Marg Beverland, NZ

the first crack
from the gravedigger's shovel
a mesh of earthworms

# 184. Kathy Nguye, US

church bells
we surround the burial site
with silence

# 185. Harvey Jenkins, CA

All Souls' Day
I breathe in the incense
of every gravestone

# 186. Kathy Nguyen, US

her pale face
against the sunset
memorial park

# 187. Tzetzka Ilieva, BG

at sister's funeral...
even the doves refold
their wings in prayer

# 188. Kathy Nguyen, US

Día de los Muertos
flowers and sweets

# 189. John Daleiden, US

Old cemetery—
willow with catkins
on the grave

# 190. Maria Tirenescu, RO

morning cold
on the churchyard fence
three starlings

# 191. Angie Werren, US


Flowers near the grave—
in the grandma’s flock of wool
a moth

# 192. Maria Tirenescu, RO

a dry leaf and the wind
stopped by a tomb
at the same time

# 193. Malvina Mileta, CR

old cemetery—
among demolished crosses
violets bloom

# 194. Maria Tirenescu, RO


village cemetery—
slow steps pacing
over silence

# 195. Malvina Mileta, CR

Violets cluster—
no name on the cross
full of muscle

# 196. Maria Tirenescu, RO

photograph on a tomb
grandpa sleeps
with eyes wide open

# 197. Malvina Mileta, CR


Some violets
on the cross from another century—
cemetery in the country

# 198. Maria Tirenescu, RO


repose of souls—
this night with a candle
visiting cemeteries

# 199. Malvina Mileta, CR

Cherry petals fall
on the wooden cross—
moon rising

# 200. Maria Tirenescu, RO


dead silence
a coffin pushed autumn
into a tomb

# 201. Malvina Mileta, CR

Titmouse singing
into a blossomed plum—
near the cemetery

# 202. Maria Tirenescu, RO

All Soul's Day—
cemetery in the evening
not so scary

# 203. Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL


It was evening—
the neighbor's tomb
lilac flowers

# 204. Maria Tirenescu, RO


All Souls' Day—
saddest graves
those without candles

# 205. Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL

Dawn in the cemetery—
the jasmine’s flowers

# 206. Maria Tirenescu, RO


from ants to birds
life goes on

# 207. Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL


at the roadway edge
a wood cross and plastic blooms—
they perished here

# 208. John Daleiden, US

birds singing
ants working

# 209. Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL


Cloudless night—
the neighbor's tomb
a chrysanthemum

# 210. Maria Tirenescu, RO


cemetery paths—
best for a walk
in complete silence

# 211. Małgorzata Miksiewicz, PL

a tombstone tom cat
in the pet cemetery
loyal feral friend

# 212. John Daleiden, US


wild lilacs...
he sits by her grave
until the colors blur

# 213. Tzetzka Ilieva, BG


Cloudless sky—
chicory possesses
old cemetery

# 214. Maria Tirenescu, RO.

into my Dad's grave
pressed four-leaf clover - always
he found one, always

# 215. Marg Beverland, NZ

with her finger
she traces his engraved name—
waiting for sunset

# 216. John Daleiden, US



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