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Announcing the May / June 30, 2011 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread

The theme of the May / June 30, 2011 haiku thread will be ... "vegetable(s)" of any kind in the northern or southern hemisphere

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread.

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May / June 2011 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread

Deadline: Midnight Sunday, June 26, 2011


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The following thirty-nine poets from thirteen countries have contributed one-hundred-ninty-two verses to the May / June 30, 2011
"vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread

Participants:  Karin Anderson, AU; Stella Armour, UK;  Priyanka Bhowmick, IN; Willie R. Bongcaron, PH; Ralf Bröker, DE; Patricia Carragon, US; Cezar Ciobica, RO; Kirsten Cliff, NZ; John Daleiden, US; Tatjana Debeljacki, SR; Andrzej Dembonczyk, PL; Bernard Gieske, US; Cara Holman, US; Alegria Imperial, CA; Nada Jačmenica, CR; Munia Khan, BD; Dubrako Korbus, CR; Evica Kraljić, CR; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Sandra Martyres, IN; Malvina Mileta, CR; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Karen O'Leary, US; Scott Owens, US; Stella Pierides, DE; Marija Pogorilic, CR; Vera Primorac, CR; Chitra Rajappa, IN; Emily Romano, US; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Carol Reed Sircoulomb, US; Stevie Strang, US; Vania Stefanova, BG; André Surridge, NZ; Irena Szewczyk, PL; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Sunil Uniyal, IN; Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR; Juliet Wilson, UK

Countries:  Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, India, New Zealand, Philippians, Poland, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tabogo, United States


ripe tomatoes
chips and sauce
on the horizon

# 01. Karen O'Leary, US

carrots in the basket—
so many noses
for snowmen

# 02. Vania Stefanova, BG

the whisper of corn silk
between my fingers

# 03. Cara Holman, US

tomato soup
for the fifth day
lack of imagination

# 04. Sandra Martyres, IN

pool of moonlight:
a raccoon paw
fondles an eggplant

# 05. Emily Romano, US

tonight, the same shade
as the mountains

# 06. Stevie Strang, US

sunday brunch
with the inlaws
the taste of pepperwort

# 07. Kirsten Cliff, NZ.

lacy leafs hide
the orange root underground
now unsafe to eat

# 08. Carol Reed Sircoulomb, US 

that black kitten,
playing in the garden
among young peppers

# 09. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

sprouting beans
become runners
pole jumping competition

# 10. Stella Armour, UK

summer harvest:
the salad bowl
shames the rainbow!

# 11. Chitra Rajappa, IN

its back iced,
tummy full of the snow-
a forgotten kale

# 12. Dubrako Korbus, CR

waymarks left behind
on the lettuce leaf
a snail

# 13. Vera Primorac, CR

three sisters
compliment each other
corn, beans, squash

# 14. Munia Khan, BD

flowering peppers
in the garden—
slugs, slugs…

# 15. Evica Kraljić, CR

her first love
the heart of
a watermelon

# 16. Bernard Gieske, US

a pumpkin
with a painted face...

# 17. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

mid-summer field
red with ripe

# 18. Marija Pogorilic, CR

forgotten leek
in the corner of the garden—
sun dial

# 19. Nada Jačmenica, CR*

hometown memories...
a bag of mixed veggies

# 20. Chen-ou Liu, CA

celery crunch—
I always knew you threw
the dice

# 21. Stella Pierides, DE

vegetable garden—
between peas and tomatoes
our first kiss

# 22. Andrzej Dembonczyk, PL

sweet potatoes—
not really potatoes
not really sweet

# 23. Juliet Wilson, UK

wiping the knife
with a red cloth—
cabbage field

# 24. Irena Szewczyk, PL

bean soup
with roast sausages
lunch for uncle

# 25. Tatjana Debeljacki, SR

cucumber slices
puffy eyes need to forget
last night’s date from hell

# 26. Patricia Carragon, US

the toddler protests:
but potatoes are tastier
as fries than as stew!

# 27. Chitra Rajappa, IN

two peas in a pod
shelled on the same day
identical twins

# 28. Stella Armour, UK

addling in the net
thinking of salad

# 29. Evica Kraljić, CR

a flowing mist
now swallows then spits
the head lettuce

# 30. Dubrako Korbus, CR

yesterday’s seeds
from a locked box
cucumber salad

# 31. Karen O'Leary, US

afternoon siesta
the cool shade under
a lettuce leaf

# 32. Cara Holman, US

she wore a garland
with eighteen carrots
cost effective jewelry

# 33. Sandra Martyres, IN

harvest moon
slowly the earth
releases its bounty

# 34. Cara Holman, US

six vegetables
on a small plate
a vegan dinner

# 35. Sandra Martyres, IN

open house…
snails dine al fresco
in my lettuce patch

# 36. Cara Holman, US

a rabbit's feast
of lettuce and carrots—
children's health food

# 37. Sandra Martyres, IN

hot peppers—
jumping from the swing
on a dare

# 38. Cara Holman, US

Coloured lips—
eating the boiled beetrot,
a girl's pleasure

# 39. Sandra Martyres, IN

pulling up
the last few carrots
chimney smoke

# 40. Kirsten Cliff, NZ

a lantern winks…
the other pumpkins
no eyes yet

# 41. Vania Stefanova, BG

acres of green
rounded leafs in rows

# 42. Carol Reed Sircoulomb, US

in my fresh greens
a caterpillar feasting—
hot summer day

# 43. Sandra Martyres, IN

the cucumber
and its slug
on the hazel bush

# 44. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

appetite teaser—
cauliflower florets
in his soup bowl

# 45. Sandra Martyres, IN

under the pumpkin's leaves
a harsh croaking

# 46. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

a stylish name
for sticky okra
ladies' fingers

# 47. Sandra Martyres, IN

returning home
all the lettuces
have gone to seed

# 48. Kirsten Cliff, NZ

tasty bites
from the humble potato
French fries

# 49. Sandra Martyres, IN

nibbling at her veggies:
the five-year old checks
if she has grown any taller!

# 50. Chitra Rajappa, IN

elbows of pumpkin
recline on
the wood fence

# 51. Dubrako Korbus, CR

chili's flower
under bumblee's buzzing
hard to see

# 52. Dubrako Korbus, CR

my grassy dinner
Popeye's favourite
canned spinach

# 53. Sandra Martyres, IN

stubborn sun—
under the tomato plant
squatts a snake

# 54. Vera Primorac, CR

in my garden
among the vegetables—
with stick, just in case

55. Vera Primorac, CR

after the rain
spreading their shadows,
young kale leaves

# 56. Dubrako Korbus, CR

cucumber sandwiches
with chilled lemonade
Summer treats

# 57. Sandra Martyres, IN

on the kale's
green leaf – a white bow
of a butterfly

# 58. Dubrako Korbus, CR

Melted raclette
on boiled potatoes
winter delight

# 59. Sandra Martyres, IN

raining - swiss chard
weaving with some leaf
here and there

# 60. Dubrako Korbus, CR

crushed ginger
in honey and hot water
Cure for sore throats

# 61. Sandra Martyres, IN

stems and leaves,
flower stalks, roots, and seeds
vegetable delight

# 62. Munia Khan, BD

slicing onions
good exercise
for the tear glands

# 63. Sandra Martyres, IN

lettuce alone
without dressing
Honeymoon Salad

# 64. Munia Khan, BD

to my green salad
a welcome addition
spring onions

# 65. Sandra Martyres, IN

fertile garden
zucchinis erupt
out of the ground

# 66. Munia Khan, BD

a giant pumpkin
Cinderella smiles
from her carriage

# 67. Sandra Martyres, IN

Fresh cabbage
yellowing in the sun
rabbits no where

# 68. Munia Khan, BD

Bitter gourd
blunts his taste buds
he hates veggies

# 69. Sandra Martyres, IN

little silver fountains
under the moon

# 70. Munia Khan, BD

a rotting egg plant
purple dreams

# 71. Sandra Martyres, IN 

health’s riches
hidden in spinach
trusting Popeye…

# 72. Evica Kraljić, CR

beautiful complexion
a cucumber face pack
the answer

# 73. Sandra Martyres, IN

mom cooking
broccoli and cauliflower
thoughts of hamburger!

# 74. Evica Kraljić, CR

an assortment
of coloured peppers
table decorations

# 75. Sandra Martyres, IN

carrots and parsley
embrace in the pot
this soup heals souls

# 76. Evica Kraljić, CR

mixing veggies
in a large wok
chef licks his fingers

# 77. Sandra Martyres, IN

potato eyes
see beetroot bleeding
onions bring tears

# 78. Stella Armour, UK

vegetable carving
a fine art
in Thailand

# 79. Sandra Martyres, IN

forced to grow
then drowned in custard
stewed rhubarb

# 80. Stella Armour, UK

the little cowboy
peas corralled
on his plate

# 81. Bernard Gieske, US

daintily blushing
such sweet tenderness
cherry tomatoes

# 82. Stella Armour, UK

first pickings
the plunk of peas
in a pan

# 83. Bernard Gieske, US

under the watchful eye
of the toddler:
pretending to relish the spinach!

# 84. Chitra Rajappa, IN

spinach leaves
cabbage head

# 85. Bernard Gieske, US

cucumber salad...
a patient trembles thinking
of the e-coli

# 86. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

crack of celery
heaven’s echo

# 87. Bernard Gieske, US

tomato slices
adorning every plate...
sparkling sunlight

# 88. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

cat’s hide-away
keeping cool
under rhubarb leaves

# 89. Bernard Gieske, US

sprinkled with spicy sauce:
spoonfuls of joy

# 90. Keith A. Simmonds

carrot tops
dancing in the breeze
garden song medley

# 91. Bernard Gieske, US

long tears flow
down her rosy cheeks—
slicing new onions

# 92. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

jumping faster
popcorn in
the hot seat

# 93. Bernard Gieske, US

dogs barking
among heads of cabbage
a rabbit squats

# 94. Marija Pogorilic, CR

eating abroad
the artichoke
unknown foreign object

# 95. Bernard Gieske, US

morning dew
potatoes' leaf glistens
with a potato beetle

# 96. Marija Pogorilic, CR 

at my girlfriend’s house
okra and mustard greens
first encounter

# 97. Bernard Gieske, US

a ploughed field
in the furrow forgotten

# 98. Marija Pogorilic, CR

the tummy grows—
patiently expecting
a pregnant bean pod

# 99. Nada Jačmenica, CR*

and he wonders how he got
kidney stones

# 100. Stella Pierides, DE

sanguine knife
on a white table—
slices of red beet

# 101. Nada Jačmenica, CR*

stray girl—
hair from corn silk
for her rags puppet

# 102. Cezar Ciobica, RO

of a cauliflower—
lace shadows

# 103. Nada Jacmenica, CR

sturing up snow
grandmother looks for leeks—
soup for granddaughter

# 104. Nada Jačmenica, CR

dew drops
tumble down a leek—
summer morning

# 105. Nada Jacmenica, CR

the car park attendant scoffs
at my car

# 106. Stella Pierides, DE

yellowing in a twinkling
the tomatoes

# 107. Cezar Ciobica, RO

Spanish cucumbers
infiltrate all of Europe...
e-coli outbreak

# 108. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

sleek purple surface
smooth to the touch
charms of an egg plant

# 109. Sandra Martyres, IN.

out of Europe
deadly bacteria
in vegetables

# 110. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

green, crunchy and fresh
farmer Jones' lettuce leaves
sell at a premium

# 111. Sandra Martyres, IN

e-coli menace...
bean sprouts coming
out of Germany

# 112. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

vegan's tea party
warm eggless carrot cake and
Stewed apples with cream

# 113. Sandra Martyres, IN

scintillating glow...
a basket of aubergines
in the summer morn

# 114. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

ginger-garlic paste
an essential condiment
in Indian kitchens

# 115. Sandra Martyres, IN

Spanish cucumbers
then bean sprouts in Germany...
grave health mystery

# 116. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

dressed in onion rings
and covered with garlic flakes
a pungent flavour

# 117. Sandra Martyres, IN

red carrots
in my Sunday soup...
taste of sunshine

# 118. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

no baby
among the cabbage leaves
only a stump

# 119. Irena Szewczyk, PL

peeling onions—
mom's eyes full of tears
come to my mind

# 120. Sunil Uniyal, IN

a raw head
under the guillotine—
cabbage soup

# 121. Irena Szewczyk, PL

a hot potato
the linger of
Spring onion’s breath

# 122. Karin Anderson, AU

tomato pot
these green leaves could be
a pumpkin seedling

# 123. Ralf Bröker, DE

a yellow squash
tender flesh quivers to
choko’s prickly climb

# 124. Karin Anderson, AU

spaghetti napoli
the children insist
on ketchup

# 125. Ralf Bröker, DE

teetering high heels
and a cauliflower
child bride’s dress up

# 126. Karin Anderson, AU

old men in a green house
one knows the cucumber
is tied up

# 127. Ralf Bröker, DE

rats beaming full of the moon
in the corn patch

# 128. Karin Anderson, AU

dinner centerpiece—
vine tomatoes, jalapenos
and artichoke hearts

# 129. Alegria Imperial, CA

Year of the rabbit—
the vendors raise
the carrots' price

# 130. Cezar Ciobica, RO

from morning bouquet
to salad plate—
her pumpkin flowers

# 131. Alegria Imperial, CA

a cry for mercy
with her school lunch
a vegetable man

# 132. Karin Anderson, AU

so tempting to keep
as wall hanging—
garlic braid

# 133. Alegria Imperial, CA 

dinner time
hail harvested
granny's lettuce

# 134. Malvina Mileta, CR

not the one you know—
green dots on your soup are leaves
from horseradish tree

# 135. Alegria Imperial, CA

young moon treading
on my onion sprouts
the whole night

# 136. Malvina Mileta, CR

between them
the moon and the scent
of lemongrass

# 137. Alegria Imperial, CA

Filled solarium—
among cucumber blooms
tomatoes budding

# 138. Maria Tirenescu, RO

she says, ‘anise’—
he thinks she’s asking
for a kiss

# 139. Alegria Imperial, CA

field trip
rows upon rows
of cabbages

# 140. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

vegan’s debut gown—
frilled hem patterned after

# 141. Alegria Imperial, CA

busy bees
a hectare of bitter gourd

# 142. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

under trellises
their blooming vegan romance
yields snap peas

# 143. Alegria Imperial, CA

sweet potatoes
as far as the eyes
can see

# 144. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

 In the tumbler
a cup of yellowed parsley–
the cook missing

# 145. Maria Tirenescu, RO

White rabbit
eats a big carrot—
the baby laughs

# 146. Maria Tirenescu, RO

‘it’s an umbrella’
her daughter insists
of a mushroom

# 147. Alegria Imperial, CA

never changing
mashed potatoes and peas—
Grandma's menu

# 148. Sandra Martyres, IN

a new potato
on the garden fork tine
Christmas Day

# 149. André Surridge, NZ

Near a fence
some rotten pumpkins–
children without lamps

# 150. Maria Tirenescu, RO

after meditation
putting hands into the earth
to plant sprouts

# 151. André Surridge, NZ

steamed veggies
without salt
perfect diet food

# 152. Sandra Martyres, IN

budgeting advice
dad removes the side shoots
from a tomato plant

# 153. André Surridge, NZ

add more croutons
to her Caesar's salad
she likes it crunchy

# 154. Sandra Martyres, IN

planting potatoes
watching his shadow
rub its back

# 155. André Surridge, NZ

sundried tomatoes
a new flavour
to spice up the dish

# 156. Sandra Martyres, IN

red sun
biting into
a tomato

# 157. André Surridge, NZ

Cauliflower soup
is ready–
no one eats

# 158. Maria Tirenescu, RO

taro leaf
a caterpillar
spills the dewdrop

# 159. André Surridge, NZ

Jack climbs the beanstalk
he finds
no beans

# 160. Sandra Martyres, IN

Full bag
with carrots and beets–
the rabbit’s dinner

# 161. Maria Tirenescu, RO

from every sill
the smell of tomatoes

# 162. Scott Owens, US

coriander soup
the smell of
summer rain

# 163. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

rotten tomato
how I feel
about you

# 164. Patricia Carragon, US

red chilies—
her heart still burns
with anger

# 165. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

is it a flower?"
finally she asks

# 168. Alegria Imperial, CA

lemon flavor
my first love
in my memories

# 169. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

eating carrots
Bugs Bunny
as role model

# 168. Patricia Carragon, US

chilly spices
mixed in chicken curry
my grandfather's choice

# 169. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

veggie platters
her voluptuous rump
is showing less meat

# 170. Patricia Carragon, US

Serene day—
a sunflower blooming
among the carrots

# 171. Maria Tirenescu, RO

fine dining
ahhh! but there's no carrot
on my stew

# 172. . Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

Mr. Pumpkin
cooking two eggplants—
dinner is coming

# 173. Maria Tirenescu, RO

in the restaurant
a slug in the salad
and a smaller bill

# 174. Malvina Mileta, CR

organic lettuce
making bouquets
for vegetarian brides

# 175. Patricia Carragon, US

olives in brine
gherkins in vinegar
tasty side dishes

# 176. Sandra Martyres, IN

carefully planting
tomatoes and eggplants

# 177. Maria Tirenescu, RO

wrong road
she points the way
with a cucumber

# 178. André Surridge, NZ

middle of the night—
my pregnant wife covets
fresh lettuce

# 179. Cezar Ciobica, RO

ladies fingers
how sleek and beautiful
with the nails missing

# 180. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

Full pantry—
onions, carrots, parsnips
and celeries

# 181. Maria Tirenescu, RO

peas, beans and lentils
in all shapes and sizes
proteins unlimited

# 182. Sandra Martyres, IN

a beggar
with a cabbage in hand—
to be or not to be...

# 183. Cezar Ciobica, RO

the dinner party
baby corn and carrots
wrapped in candle light

# 184. Karin Anderson, AU

60th birthday—
she gives me celery
as a present

# 185. Cezar Ciobica, RO

African market—
mounds of vegetables
I don't recognise

# 186. Juliet Wilson, U

Popeye cartoons—
my son reminds me
to eat spinach

# 187. Cezar Ciobica, RO

water cress
garnishing the salad bowl
June darkness

# 188. John Daleiden, US

sultry day—
the seller fanning himself
with cabbage leaves

# 189. Cezar Ciobica, RO

in this rain
even the eggplant weeps—
billowing clouds

# 190. Stella Pierides, DE

Milky Way—
my wife puts cabbage leaves
in her bra

# 191. Cezar Ciobica, RO

vegetable stew
in the brimming pot
a rainbow

# 192. John Daleiden, US

*Translated from Croatian by Doroteja Jačmenica Pušenjak

Read the May / June 30, 2011 Editor's Choices:  Editor Karina Klesko, Editor John Daleiden




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