Linda Papanicolaou, US, Tomislav (Tom) Maretic, CR and Willie Sorlien, US




Junicho Renku


Resurrection Soup


April 3-7, 2010


Resurrection soup
Yiayia sets out
the blood red eggs   / linda [sp]

the hen accepting
ducklings as her children   / tom [sp]

Is this
no longer my hand
pressing yours?   / linda [ns lv]

after a lovers' quarrel, lost
in the Bourbon Street crowd   / tom [ns lv]

the centipede
sends ripples of shadow
on a moonlit floor   / linda su [mn]

all the party's members
marching in lockstep   / willie [ns]

bending down
to look through the keyhole
she says nothing   / tom [ns]

a jack-o'-lantern's grimace,
the candle blown out   / willie [au]

in the garden
a white chrysanthemum
withstands darkness   / tom [au flo]

one can only imagine
the sound of space  / willie [ns]

all gone
those savings
for the leisure years   / linda [ns]

cold coins in the gutter
our forgotten wishes   / willie [wi]









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