A Kasen Renku




A Handful of Grass


Susan Delphine Delaney (sdd)
Victor Fleming (vf)
Kawazu (Cliff T. Roberts) (kaw)
Brenda Roberts
Celia Stuart-Powles- sabaki (csp)
Eiko Yachimoto (ey)


in the freezer
only a handful of grass
where she left her snowball    /sdd

mother redbreast chirping
a question marks her trill    /vf

shy photographers
around a farmers' pond
bold pink blossoms     /ey

putting on glasses
to read the subtitles     /csp

above the scoreboard
a last inning homerun
blocks the moon     /br

children screech
at the witch's cackle     /kaw


beyond the slats
yellow-orange foliage
loosening its grip     /vf

new paisley couch cover
the dog claims as his own     /br

let me not to the
marriage of true minds
admit impediments*     /vf

dark hand in dark hand
jumping the broom**     /sdd

estate sale
their spoon-shaped imprint
still on the bed     /csp

grandmother explains the jukebox
one quarter per song     /br

full summer moon
bathing in a sea of tranquility
a cricket     /kaw

wow, president-elect!
I buy him a yukata     /ey

taking a deep breath
she calls the meeting to order
with her beribboned gavel     /sdd

in the dining room
the framed faces of family     /kaw

discarded highchair
worshiped at the landfill
ribbet ribbet ribbet     /vf

taking out the trash
I pause for crocus     /csp


the sea, the sky,
the villages melting into
silky spring rain     /ey

black lava cracks in the surf
exposing its ruby heart     /sdd

the scent of pineapple
a candlelit dinner
just for two     /br

shadows on the wall dance
the anniversary waltz     /kaw

Christmas Eve
their second son pays a visit
from Herena ***     /ey

hoboes huddle and pass
a bottle around the bonfire     /csp

the intricate lace
of bare branches when
I look for a star     /ey

beneath a colored tent
tasseography reader     /br

swine flu in the news
my student cancels
his road trip through Mexico     /csp

recycled bicycle tires
a more comfortable wheel chair     /vf

the crescent moon
the depth of pure goldness
in five buckets     /ey

right on the beach
enjoying the first oyster     /sdd


behind the hunter
a trail of blood
in the autumn grasses     /kaw

an old Picasso print
by the sling blade in the shed     /vf

a groan of frustration
he rebuilds the tower
of blocks again     /br

shining winds scatter
my poems across the lake     /csp

blooming beside
the old stagecoach trail
a lone peach     /sdd

in the night barn
a new lamb enters the world     /csp



*Wm. Shakespeare, “Sonnet 116.”

** A black American ritual―allowed in times when “legal” marriages were denied to slaves, said to be similar to Roma (gypsy) rituals.

*** An image from A River Runs Through It.



Susan Delphine Delaney (sdd)
Victor Fleming (vf)
Kawazu (Cliff T. Roberts) (kaw)
Brenda Roberts
Celia Stuart-Powles- sabaki (csp)
Eiko Yachimoto (ey)


The Kasen Renku contains 4 sides: 6 , 12, 12, 6 verses










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