Victor Gendrano, US






summer heat
his sweat slides
between her breasts
languorous lull
in their embrace



I sense the silent
waft of fragrance
from the incense
calming my heart
in her absence



he gazes
at the streaking
shooting star
her lasting legacy
of love and warmth



the regal tree
bends with the wind
bowed but not broken
he celebrates
his 80th birthday



winter night
I welcome the warmth
of the coffee mug
coursing my hand
like her touch



I left four pennies
on the gambler's gravestone
remembering how
my friend's luck
ran out so soon



I feel alone
amidst a crowd
still hard to fill the void
you left behind



I dread
the dark demons
that chase my dream
your touch is so real
am I in love again





power outage
the newly-wed plays early
their marital game



she sneezes once
twice then three times
girl with the nose ring



children’s soccer
their parents fight in the stands
the game goes on



senior power
a cup of coffee
for fifty-nine cents



teacher’s pet
she tutors her student
the art of love



sex harassment
in workplace or elsewhere
no laughing matter



after this holiday
I’ll never join again
women shopping



rare corpse flower
some are dying to pay
to smell its stink









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