Tracy McPherson, US




Free Verse


Desert Dance


The weary aged crone
returning to the dark cool cave
stars glimmering
excitement beats in her heart
she found the needed stone
it’s heart shaped and rusty red
dancing in anticipation
she pushes her matted hair
out of her eyes and searches
in the flickering light for the knife
moving to the pile of bones
she pierces her breast allowing
her blood to drip on the stone
shaking, near ecstasy
carefully placing the stone
in the center of the bone pile
she begins to sing, crooning
her devotion and desire
snatching a burning coal
from the fire and dropping
it into the center of the stone
her song continues as the fire fades
watching as the bones take the form
of her departed lover
bones rising from the floor of the cave
fleshing out begin to dance.
leaving the cave swaying in the moonlight
turning and bowing to her
she emerges, the young maiden
to mate once again with her love
one last dance
their bones were found dried and tangled
in the desert sun









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