Spiros Zafiris, CA






her influence
is the bell that chimes
and I quickly rise
to lend arms to my water
my sustainance; my everpresence



this moment
is embelished with
a summer tree's
alerting bedazzlement
as I write I sway



I ask my pen
to color your cautious smile
but it reneges
opting to speak of your
unabashed laughter



she is the emblem
of my solitude kindled
with alarming grace
each candle, every rose,
is the life force of her glory



why can't
we store our hope in
empty shoe boxes
or in favorite old socks
we certainly would feel better



About Spiros Zafiris, CA


Spiros Zafiris is a 60 year-old Montreal poet..he
has self-published 2 books of poetry, Very Personal and
Midnight Magic
(1979/1981)..his more recent poems
can easily be found by googling his name...he has been
published in several periodicals, including Modern
English Tanka
, though he doesn't send out his poems
as often as he should.

This is Spiros Zafiris' first appearance in Sketchbook.









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