R. K.Singh, IN






Hearing him talk dung
she doubts his integrity
and curses him for
emitting lava from mouth:
I regret stomach upset



Swallowing capsules
he trusts in absent healing
seeks intercessions
to cure allergic asthma
and the cyst not contracting



Her letter smells
the lotus she wore each time
meeting in the dark:
I touch her fingers again
with all the hopes and passion



At the river
she folds her arms and legs
resting her head
upon the knees and sits
as an island



About R. K. Singh, IN


R. K. Singh, IN:  Born, brought up and educated in Varanasi, I am a university professor, teaching English language skills to students of earth and mineral sciences. I have authored over 150 articles,165 book reviews and 34 books, including Twelve collections of poems, among them, two jointly with U S Bahri, TWO POETS (1994) and COVER TO COVER (2002), and two others, EVERY STONE DROP PEBBLE (1999) jointly with Catherine Mire and Patricia Prime, and PACEM IN TERRIS (2003, a trilogy collection, containing my haiku collection PEDDLING DREAM). MY SILENCE AND OTHER SELECTED POEMS:1974-1994 (1996), ABOVE THE EARTH'S GREEN (1997), and THE RIVER RETURNS (2006) are my other three important poetry books. NEW INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY: AN ALTERNATIVE VOICE: R.K.SINGH (ed: I.K.Sharma) is the latest publication on my poetry. It contains 22 critical articles, six interviews and over a dozen review/comments by about 30 scholars.(Details from I have received several awards and honours, including honorary Litt.D. from the World Academy of Arts and Culture, Taiwan, 1984, Michael Madhusudan Award, Calcutta, 1994 and Peace Museum Award from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, 1999.

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