Munia Khan, BD




Free Verse




I forgot to sup
From his glass full of
Mingled dread and rage

Now let me take
A small draught of solace
From my own little cup
Full of predicaments!

4 June, 2010





The Dying Day


The dying yesterday tries to survive
Under the wing of its own despondence
But the joy of today still here alive
With its last vapour of faith to condense
And tomorrow’s sparkle now starts to gleam
For a painted vase holds the day that’s gone
As stars grasp the sky and bathe in new beam
The dying past weeps forgetting the dawn
No shadow to haunt those shadowy days
Of that forgotten path no more dreaming
The faded last hours darken their ways
For the blues of heaven now start screaming
The dying day summons- adieu of pain
When clouds of hope bring days full of rain

15 June,2010



About Munia Khan, BD


Hello!! There !! This is Munia Khan. I am currently residing in
Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was born on the 15th of March,1981. Being a
Pisces if I have to define myself in a poetic way, I'd say - "In
the distorted reality in this watery world silver fish  swims into
the pools of light and hide into the deep blue depths."

Even though I am lawyer, the literary world is the place where I
always love to drift away with all my senses. John Keats, Thomas
Gray, Y.B. Yeats, John Donne, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia
Plath are my most favourite poets. And Irving Stone, Tolstoy,
Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain are my most favourite writers. Vincent Van
Gogh is my favourite artist ever. I also love music very much. Trance
and music from the 80s and 90s are my most favorites. That's all
about me in a nut shell. If you'd like to know some more of myself
I'd request you to go through my works as those are the reflections
of my own life experiences...

Here's the websites where my poetry has been published:

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