Mike Scheidemann, IL




Free Verse


Beneath the Moss


Ducking young sun's barbs, we sank into a hidden garden,
Through sun-filtered waves and scintillating shadows,
Where subterranean monsters boasted shiny scales;
We drifted on flimsy coral like forests, opal haloed
Where plumed and armored beasts peered, rainbow shaded;
Some bold as clowns; others, fragile as butterflies.
Our uninvited presence heralded such a display
Of pearl-pale fans splaying stars on fossilized sprays;
As if to say we may not visit again these sifted ways,
Or enter our echoless canyon twice; our polyp forested abyss.



Mike Scheidemann, ILEkphrastic Poem: Singing Nebulae



About Mike Scheidemann, IL


Mike Scheidemann: Most of my life I have lived as a farmer and kibbutz member, practicing socialism in Northern Israel. In this pastoral environment I wrote and) published four anthologies of poetry and numerous short stories. Recently I have tried my hand at writing two novels and three plays for the stage; all very rewarding. I enjoy practicing my poetic craft by using traditional forms like the villanelle, the pantoum and the sonnet. I like indulging in rhyme schemes.

I co edited two books on Peace through Poetry and Culture; the material of two international peace conferences sponsored by UNESCO. Indeed the honorary doctorate I was given was awarded by the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, associated with UNESCO, for coordinating the conferences. I also happen to be President of Voices; the Israel English Poetry Association; the largest group of Anglo Saxon poets in Israel We see ourselves as the cultural link with Anglo poets around the world. To this end we have launched our 21st international poetry contest (Ruben Rose Annual Poetry Competition) and our thirty sixth volume of poetry of which we are justly proud.

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