Mark Dohle, US




Free Verse


Bearing the stamp


Some are easy to pass over,
they blend in with the background
not drawing attention
and are often trapped in cycles of isolation.

Perhaps not knowing how to reach out;
(these almost invisible ones)
unattractive in some way,
in how they look,
or act,
or dress,
or perhaps they are dirty,
which leads to avoidance,
looking away,
or crossing the street,
if one cannot truly see them in their need,
for there are many ways to be blind.

In the end their ability to communicate,
or to touch another in some significant way,
breaking the barriers,
invisible through lofty,
becomes less and less a possibility
for those backed into a corner of emptiness.

It is the deep seeing,
the compassionate gaze;

not one of pity,

(though at times it can play a part)

but of looking at a fellow traveler,
not a stranger,
that allows the door to be open,

(the knob is on the outside),

allowing the one who has the courage to enter,
to seek,
and draw out a human being
bearing the stamp of God’s image.









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