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Reversed Etheree*




So she drowned in an empty, hollow pool
with happy, broken turquoise dolphins
Falling tile and memories
of long lost giggled echoes
bubbles burst fading times
no one knows
but her


*Reversed Etheree:  The Etheree form was created about twenty years ago by Arkansas poeted Etheree Taylor Armstrong. The Etheree contains 10 graduated lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10 syllables for an overall count of 55 syllables.  The line structure can be reversed or inverted. A Double Etheree starts with a traditional Etheree structure  and then continues with an inverted Etheree creating a twenty line poem. Titles are optinonal; rhyme is permissible, but not required, and an Etheree can be composed on any subject.

Etheree Taylor Armstrong, born February 13, 1918, died March 14, 1994, was a local poet who developed a following in her home state of Arkansas.

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Free Verse




Again, there will be waterSoon!
In sleepthe deaf silence
reminded melast night
a leaf withered...
It reminded me of the vase
In which we were the three of us
Dreaming a dream with dew
Sipping from the month of May...
...and little by little my stem
withered in distress
and my painful leaves
found an excuse in Death...

Again, there will be waterSoon!
With little, gentle handfuls
the Life's cup is filling
with crystals of desire
I dream a hopeful dream
regenerating roots
There is the waterplenty
and Oxygen enough...


written at 13, translated from Romanian in August 2010









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