G. David Schwartz, US




Free Verse


I Can Never Kiss You


I can never kiss you
Not now, not in a while
Because I do not want to
Ever cover up that smile



Welcome To Cancun

Welcome to Cancun
Like your flowered shirt
Just don't run around
or y'all fall dawn in the dirt



I Knew A Girl Whose Name Was Care


I knew a girl whose name was Care
So you know I did not get slapped
When I said take case
What do you think of that?



Sitting Near A River

I've been sitting near a river
Near a stadium
Which is also near my home
Now ain't that quay bum



I Shall Never Sing For You


I shall never sing for you
That's something I will not do
And you may not sing for me
That will make prosperity



I've Been Thinking 'Bout You


I've been thinking 'bout you
Where you been and where you go
And shall I ever see you again
I really am not sure



I've Never Been To Louisiana


I've never been to Louisiana
And I don't intend to go
It just seems that if I get there
'It'd begin to snow









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