Karin Anderson, AU




*Double Rondeau


Just Take My Hand


Let's disappear, my plan today
to use Sketchbook's muse and display
a secret spot where fronds drip lace
with stone steps to our hiding place.
          As lush bush bowers our bouquet

Down we go on stone's grisaille grey
to spy the moss as ghost gum's sway
and shadows flicker evening's trace.
          Let's disappear

Air huffs our hair in disarray
but look! Behold on this heyday
we've found white drifts of mossy space
with brown twigs and leaves like spice-mace
and Sketchbook's picture's on display.
          Let's disappear

Just take my hand we'll seek more moss where
bird calls lilt the cock-crow air
and white light lifts to moon's soft fall
as mist slips off its silver shawl
          Dawn's chorus leads this love affair

Green plumed honeyeaters with flair
warm morn's sweet song to ebb day's glare
fairy wrens tweet to raven's call.
          Just take my hand

Kookaburra's mirth can't compare
to wagtail's trill flicks here and there
fairy-wrens twit and raven's drawl
swoon wattle's wafts as hearts enthrall.
There's chicks in moss birds nests to share.
          Just take my hand


*Rondeau: A French form containing 15 lines comprised of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet.  The Double Rondeau contains 6 stanzes, or a doubling of the form. The following rhyme scheme is followed: aabba aabR aabbaR.  Lines 9 and 15 are short - a refrain (R) contains a phrase taken from line one. The other lines are longer but all of the same metrical length. See Shadow Poetry









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