Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN






Strange Attendance


We see each other often but do not talk. Once or twice we talked for a short while. But you are always in my mind as I dwell in you. I am now before my computer, working. It is afternoon. Suddenly you come to my mind overlapping all what I see in the screen. Surprised, I turn my head and see your shadow vanishing before my window. No footfall. No sound.

true nearness
does it depend on
physical presence?



Ripening of Paddies


Fields are agog with expectation. It is autumn before the harvest. Paddies are full ripe. Farmers are excited in fields full of smell and promise. Our farmers wait for the right time to begin. The whole family sleep in the field at night under the bright moon. But with them wait the others. When paddies ripen each has his own interest in it. Each actor is busy with different paraphernalia until the accomplishment of harvesting.

pointed horns move
around the shadowy fields

dance of hope









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