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Free Verse Authors in July / August 31, 2010 Sketchbook


Helen Bar-Lev, ILFree Verse: Itamar meets baby brother

Paul Curtiss, USFree Verse: I barely remember..., Hmmm

Mark Dohle, USFree Verse: Bearing the stamp

Joseph FarleyFree Verse: Failed Couple, Snow and Ice, Mistakes Are The Source Of Creation, Praise Be Ed, Contractor Hell, Thief of Heaven

Jan Oskar Hansen, PTFree Verse: A Country for old Men, Where the Northwesterly Blows, Saturday Night in Blue, The Field of Mortality, How to write a Novel, The Fado Singer, Long Voyage and a Chinese Lady, The Fur Coat, The Legend, Grey Hospital and a Brazilian Café

Doug Holder, US—Free Verse: Butchers Against The War

Elizabeth Howard, USFree Verse: Primitive Goddess

Tracy McPherson, USFree Verse: Desert Dance

Munia Khan, BDFree Verse: Draught

Thomas Martin, USFree Verse: Hummingbird Summer

Vera Primorac, CRFree Verse: In the softness of the moss

Mike Scheidemann, ILFree Verse: Beneath the Moss

Iolanda Scripca, US: Free Verse: Soon

G. David Schwartz, USFree Verse: I Can Never Kiss You, Welcome To Cancun, I Knew A Girl Whose Name Was Care, Sitting Near A River, I Shall Never Sing For You, I've Been Thinking Bout You, I've Never Been To Louisiana

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI, FRFree Verse: The Valley of the Culprits, Go Now...Come Back Later, The Marketplace Still Attaches Your Fool To Money, Darkness in the Third Degree, Third Darkness









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