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Ekphrastic Poetry ~ Free Verse


Poem by Bernard Gieske, US


Photo by John Gerlach, US



Bernard Gieske, US


Mount Whitney


that first glance
blinding white
like a lightning strike
speared by the sun

she rises above all others
proud and singular in her regal robes
her statement never challenged
by all those nestled at her feet

a tiny winding road leads to her granite walls
dancing with patterns of playful sunshine,
between her well-formed breasts
Porter Falls descends in gracefulness

the afternoon sun graces her faces,
of the surprises she hordes for us
wild flowers are still a favorite
overshadowed by looming conifer trees

no abstract painter can sketch
this monument with only words,
her faces glisten with sheer bliss
no shadows dare slide down her sides

pools of white drench her hidden pockets
light and white meet in cold embrace
the sun knows where to lay its shadows
all the while caught in her crevices

clouds all misting overhead
halo her well-framed head,
from a respectful distance
they behold her in her wedding white

Photo used by permission of John Gerlach, US


John Gerlach earned a B.S. Degree in Wildlife Ecology from Central Michigan University in 1977. He has earned his living as a professional nature photographer since 1980. He is a versatile photographer who is equally at home making landscape images of Death Valley, photographing hummingbirds with high speed flash, or making moody images of dewy dragonflies and butterflies. Rather than photographing subjects that might sell well in the marketplace, he prefers to pursue subjects that interest him the most. He often photographs subjects that are not well known such as the Black Rosy-Finch.

His photographs have been published in every major national magazine that uses nature photographs including NATIONAL WILDLIFE, SIERRA, NATURAL HISTORY, PETERSEN'S PHOTOGRAPHIC, RANGER RICK, BIRDER'S WORLD, MICHIGAN NATURAL RESOURCES, and AUDUBON. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER and POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY.  Focal Press

John is the associate editor of NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER. His column, "Field Notes" is found in each issue and reveals enlightening tips on shooting nature images in the field.   Gerlach Nature Photography





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