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Ekphrastic Poetry


Bernard Gieske, US ~ Poet

George Hitchcock, US ~ Painter




The Windmill


across the flat land
from the distant horizon
steady coaching breezes
shimmer the sheen away
off the canal waters

pulsing against the reeds
parceled along the banks
speckled tiny white blossoms
string up the slope
peeking through the grass of green

sheep contentedly graze
munching the verdant grass
their woolen white clouding
the dirt-brown facade
of a looming windmill

like a sentinel it stands
staunch and proud
ever ready to snatch up
passing winds trying to
evade its grasping netted fingers

marbled grayish clouds
blanket the sky
of this land of wind and water,
witnessing the stories of this people
harvesting the winds to do their bidding

the ages of the past windmill around
to our modern times
the hills again now canvassed with sentinels
to harvest the winds
and do the peoples' bidding



George Hitchcock (1850-1913), In Windmill Land (detail), n.d., Oil on canvas, 44 x 35 inches, Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, New York, Gift of the Baker/Pisano Collection.  Telfair Museums: Dutch Utopia: American Artists in Holland, 1880-1914.

George Hitchcock (1850–1913), American artist, was born in Providence, Rhode Island.Hitchcock graduated from the University of Manitoba, and from Harvard Law School in 1874. He then turned his attention to art and became a pupil of Gustave Boulanger and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre in Paris (Wikipedia).




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