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Free Verse

Bernard Gieske, US

Painting by Morgan Weistling, US


Painting by *Morgan Weistling, US


Ethan's Lantern


Bernard Gieske, US


I saw a boy
in a straw hat
in a corner of dark
held captive by a flame

eating up air
touching his face
his breath held still

perhaps it was the blue
or flicker of yellow
that held his eyes
glued to the flame

will he recall
those stable days
how it started
just a quiver

a glowing ember
not wanting to die
yearning to burn
fighting the dark

a flame and colors
heat and desire
like a spark finding straw
bursting into a spreading fire

a first light
a wider vision
a path into the future
lasting a life time.


About Artist Morgan Weistling


Morgan studied art at an early age with his father, Howard, a former art student. His parents both met at art school. Morgan studied with illustrator Fred Fixler. Fred's school, then called the Brandes Art Institute, was dedicated to one thing: learning how to draw from life.

Morgan and his wife, JoAnn, have been married since 1990 and also met in art school. Both Morgan and JoAnn are represented by Trailside Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ. JoAnn paints under the name "J. Peralta" in honor of her grandmother. They have two daughters, Brittany and Sienna. Both girls model for paintings frequently.
Morgan Weistling web site.

This is Morgan Weistling's first appearance in Sketchbook.



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