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Ekphrastic Poetry ~ Free Verse


Carl W. Huffman, US



Photo by Carl W. Huffman



The Old Master


No absolution or resolution you say, for all the evil lies . . .
this world has told you.
This life gave us no true will of our own...or...
a voice to quiet our final judgment by the hands of those
who distinguished what was best for us.
But this life was not meant for you and me.
It came, collected it's wages, then moved along
it did not decide to be for or against you.

You could have never known that the would come for all you loved
in the middle of the night,
leaving only the music as your final Friend.
But you survived...all the tears and wicked people
to play once more.

But only you know the power
of a single tear
as it falls alone.



The Photo, "The Old Master", was taken at a Wedding Reception this year. I was so taken by this Man as he readied to play that I could not take my eyes from him. His name is Mr. Howard and he has survived the "Camps" by playing....that is all I learned of him...I took this photo...and I have never seen or heard from him again. I had no way or contacting him after the Wedding but it is a tribute to all who have survived. I wish this man well...and peace.

~Karl Huffman



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