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This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. Picture taken from the base of The Endless Column on 2006-05-12 by User: Dalf.



Free Verse


Constantin Brancusi's "The Column Without End"


There once was a man who talked to the stone
Calming down all its fears of being alone
They spent all his life synchronized into shape
At one point - both realized there was no escape

"I'll turn you into a "Bird", "A Silent Muse" and a "Kiss"
and so many sculptures..." - the artist promised -
"I'll give you myself "... So he used all his talent
Thus carving immortality - "The Column Without End"

Erected in Romania - reminder of his roots
The cycle of life in rhombuses salutes
The Heavens from which Brancusi looks down
At his "Gate", "Silent Table" and his old, native town.



The Endless Column—or, more literally, The Column Without End (Romanian: Coloana fără sfârşit or Coloana infinitului)—is a sculpture created by Constantin Brâncuşi and installed in Târgu Jiu, Romania, on 27 October 1938.

This sculpture, based on the symbolism of the axis mundi, was made as a tribute to the young Romanians who died in World War I fighting Germany and is a stylization of the funerary pillars used in Southern Romania.




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