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Ekphrastic Poem


Üzeyir Lokman Çayci, FR




Free Verse



The blue of the sky has fallen on your edges
Sleep becomes the ladder of your walls
Empty voices are suspended
in your heart

It lays a hand in the abysses
It withdraws your impotence
at the end of your eyes

Scatter in the spring sky
as heights descend
and looks changed colours

He hears his türkü*
from the lips of women
he leaves without taking
the softest smells of perfumes

Fingers wander in his mézés**
while the bodies of bare women light up
He can not stand up
in abysses dug by stars...


Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI Metz, 07.04.1982

French free verse translated into English free verse by Joneve McCormick, 22.02.2006

*Türkü refers to Anatolian popular song, in contrast with Turkish classical music.

**Mézé are cocktail snacks put out toaccompany alcoholic drinks during feasts.




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