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Thirty-three poets from twelve countries contributed one hundred-twenty-three haiku to this Thread.

The following fifty-nine fruit and varieties were mentioned in the haiku thread: acorns, apple, apple crisp, apple turnovers, apricots, banana, beauty-berry, berries, berries, berry stains, bilberry, blackberry, blueberry, cheese fruits, cherry, chestnut tree, chico trees, choke cherries, colors, cool juicy fruits, cucumber, dogwood berries, dragon fruit, durian, elderberry, figs, fruit of the loom, fruit seller, fruit sundaes, fruit trees, Fuji apple, gooseberries, grapes, half eaten fruit, huckleberries, lemon tree, mangoes, melone, nectarine, olive branch, olive shoots, orange peel, orange pip, oranges, orchard, peaches, pear, pear tree, pineapple juice, plum butter, plums, pungent fruits, raspberry, sapote, scuppernong juice, strawberry, sugar apple, sunflower seeds, tangelo juice, watermelon. Indeed, a great number of different fruit growing around the world.

For various reasons, these are my choice haiku for the July / August "fruit" haiku thread:

I love to be amused!  and these haiku express a humorous relationship to fruit:

watching grandpa
remove his teeth—
raspberry seed

# 05. Terri L. French, US


the tailor's shirt
inside out—
Fruit of the Loom

# 100. Bouwe Brouwer, NL


...even the smaller creatures of the world work during the harvest season:

Early August—
I compete with ants
for the ripe figs.

# 94. Zhanna P. Rader, US


birds strip
my father's cherry tree
mid-morning dessert

# 86. Pris Campbell, US


...for the sheer beauty of the images:

orchard twilight
amid ripe cherries
the red moon

# 91. Jacek Margolak, PL


...this haiku reminds us how backbreaking the harvest of fruit can be:

humid morning
we pick watermelons
ankle deep in dew

# 111. Thomas Martin, US


...the sheer delight of children indulging in fruit:

nose prints
on the store window
fruit sundaes

# 12. Chen-ou Liu, CA


cuppernong juice
drips from chin to shirt
my southern childhood

# 84. Pris Campbell, US


...the diverse personal reactions people have when fruit is involved:

Peace of evening—
two sisters sharing
a nectarine

# 112. Maria Tirenescu, RO


Clear evening—
two children wrangle about
a handful of strawberries

# 117. Maria Tirenescu, RO


...the abundance of fruit at harvest time:

pear trees
bowing down with fruit...
harvesters' delight

# 68. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


I  enjoy the use of the second line as a pivot line:

a book on my lap
under the apple tree
nodding off

# 01. Neal Whitman, US

Thank you Haiku Poets for a delectable experience.








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