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Butchers Against The War

* Based on a comment from Billy Collins


No I am not another weak-wristed poet,
a weeping willow
against the unjust war,
the kind who says
"Oh, yes you feel
but I feel
so much more."

I am a butcher
against the war.
I tear through the animal's flesh
but it's the killing
of boy for boy
that I deplore.

I leave my job
my apron damned,
with dried blood—
but still
I rail
against those
distant killing fields.

I have cut
a huge hanging
side of beef
with my knife's
serrated, rabid teeth
but I abhor
your own hackneyed butchery
the carnage
of a carnivorous war.



*Doug Holder is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press. He teaches writing at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston and Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. His latest collection of poetry is Poems from the Left Bank: Somerville, Mass. ( Alternating Current) He recently read in the Boston Tea Party Poetry Marathon in Cambridge, Mass.

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