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In September the haiku thread poets submitted poems exploring the experience of visiting “a bazaar”—commonly regarded as a merchandising area, a marketplace, or a street of shops where diverse goods and services are exchanged. Often, bargaining is a practice that makes a “bazaar” a unique place for conducting the sale and purchase of goods.

Sometimes the goods of a church bazaar are quite intangible:

Grandmother's fingers
sing her praises—
church bazaar


# 14. Kristin Reynolds, US

A local church bazaar allows the participants to display their special talents—such as baking or quilting:

trying to bake
my grandma's cookies
church bazaar

# 29. Jacek Margolak, PL

Often, items can be acquired by purchasing an inexpensive raffle ticket:

raffle tickets
on a hand crafted quilt—
one dollar

# 02. Tracy McPherson, US

Selling personal items at a church bazaar can have a healing effect:

finally letting go
of her husband's clothes
church bazaar

# 03. Kristin Reynolds, US

The sale of goods and wares at a bazaar creates excitement:

rows of stalls
overflowing with goods...
lively bazaar

# 26. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

During a bazaar unexpected human behavior emerges:

church bazaar
behind the bedding
grandpa steals a kiss

# 20. Kristin Reynolds, US


he asks for the price
she adjusts her saree
roadside bazaar

# 25. A. Thiagarajan, IN


A “bazzar” encourages a festive atmosphere:

strains of music
crowds of busy shoppers...
Sunday bazaar

# 22. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

However, sometimes the natural elements have a dampening effect:

our annual bazaar
in September
the rains

# 40. Gillena Cox, TT

Even the dogs get involved:

a mongrel running
among a maze of stalls...
noisy bazaar

# 41. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

All kinds of wares are available at a bazaar:

Gold and silver
among so many trinkets—
oriental bazaar

# 38. Vasile Moldovan, RO

At the end of the day there are only memories:

after closing—
a single empty trolley
at the bazaar

# 06. A. Thiagarajan, IN









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