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John McDonald. The Throu-Gaun Chiel: scots haiku. 39 Pages. May 21, 2008.  ISBN-10: 8182531179   ISBN-13: 978-8182531178.  8.1 X 5.3 X 0.2 inches. 1.5 ounces.

Available from  $10.00


John McDonald is a retired stone-mason living in Edinburgh Scotland. He came to haiku in the mid - nineties and fell in love with the genre. He writes in Scots - one of the two languages native to Scotland (the other being the celtic rooted Gaelic).

Writing from Edinburgh, McDonald gives us a Scottish voice - not just in the language he writes in, but in subject as well. The culture and climate of Scotland weaves beautifully throughout this collection of poems. Everyday life gives way to philosophical moments that are neither rushed nor forced; and vice versa.
The collection overall is one to certainly not miss!

Brock A. Peoples "Riverbed Haiku" (Champaign, IL, USA).




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