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The Art of Haiku: A Guide to Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, Haibun, Renga, Sedoka, Sijo and Related Genres, 2nd edition.  Edited by Gerald England. Jean M. Kahler (Illustrator). New Hope International. ISBN 0 903610 24 8 £5;  ex-UK £6; €10; US$10; 13 IRCs
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Are you fascinated by the world of haiku or baffled by talk of senryu, haibun, tanka, and other such terms?

All is revealed in this new edition, with articles from writers such as William J Higginson, José Civasaqui, Pamelyn Casto, Steve Sneyd, Elizabeth St Jacques and others, together with an international array of original artwork and writing in haiku and related genres.



* Jessie Hraska: My Haiku Love Affair
* Elizabeth St Jacques: Haiku On The Wind
* José Civasaqui: Invitation to the World of Haiku
* Bruce Clarke: Problems Of Translation
* Jean M. Kahler: Reflections on Haiku
* H. F. Noyes: Sabi in Haiku
* Geoffrey Daniel: Unfreezing the Moment
* Elizabeth Searle Lamb: On Reading Haiku
* Steve Sneyd: SF Poets Embrace The Senryu
* William J. Higginson: Tanka With Feeling
* Pamelyn Casto: On The Road With Haibun
* Giovanni Malito: Syllabic Poetry, Revival of the Sedoka via the Sijo?
* Karen A. Conzelman, Peter Rillero & Jo Cleland:   Haiku & Science Education
* Andrei Dorian Gheorghe: Tipuritura — A Kind of
   Romanian Haiku

Original writing:

ai li; Jean M. Aloe; hortensia anderson; Joanna Ashwell; Pamela A. Babusci; Winona Baker; Vaughn Banting; Jim Bennett; John Bird; sara brant; Jason Sanford Brown; Helen Buckingham; Carol A. Coiffait; MTC Cronin; John Crook; Andrew Detheridge; Del Doughty; Chris Drake; Dennis Dutton; Ann Egan; Christine England; Gerald England; Thomas Fitzsimmons; Jesse Glass; Michael Grove; Raffael de Gruttola; Beryl Haigh; Lesley Harrison; Christopher Herold; Norton Hodges; Árni Ibsen; W. Luther Jett; Jean M. Kahler; Joan Payne Kincaid; Noel King; Robert Leechford; Leatrice Lifshitz; John Light; Jean Lloyd; Giovanni Malito; Sue Mill & Ferris Gilli; Pat Mitchell; Marlene Mountain & Michelle V. Lohnes; Sheila E. Murphy; Colin Nixon; H. F. Noyes; Tommy Frank O'Connor; John Ower; Francine Porad; Vanessa Proctor; R. K. Singh; Carol Sircoulomb; Neca Stoller; Victoria Tarrani; Marc Thomson; Max Verhart; Linda Jeannette Ward; Nona Welander; Thom Williams; Joy Yourcenar


Jean M. Kahler; Steve Leighton; John Light; Mollie Russell-Smith; Bill West

Copies can be ordered direct from me:

Gerald England
20 Werneth Avenue
Gee Cross
SK14 5NL

for £5 cash or cheque in the UK; ten dollars or ten euros cash outside the UK. I can't take cheques except in sterling [GB pounds] due to excessive bank charges.

Price now includes airmail.

You can order through bookshops if you must but there will be a delay as they order through me at the cover price of £7.95. I give them 33% discount but charge £1 delivery so they'll probably charge you £10 for the book.

I've got a good supply of the book. I've a lot of back copies of my magazines available too. So long as I cover postage costs I'm willing to send them anywhere for a nominal price.

Gerald England




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