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Ed Baker

Ed Baker: photo copyright © 2002 by Evlyn Baker
subsequent photos copyright © 2003 by Ed Baker



Cid had just finished a rather long
'membrance re:garding Lorine Niedecker's
NYC friends...he said.."and I never have a script".
This was at LN's 100th in Milwaukee.

Cid mentioned
LN., Chs. Reznikoff ((who my mother knew in
Manhattan and said: "the Reznikoff's were
handsome boys. In the clothing business. He
(Charles) was always well dressed and a good dancer)) ,
George Oppen, Bill Williams, etc
When done,
Cid came to the back of the hall where we were waiting
for him...Me, Bob Arnold, Susan, John Martone, Chuck Sandy,
John & Jasna Phillips..I think also Ted and his young friend
with the little beard was also there..and the guard who was
enjoying "all you writers"

Cid come up to us, after a few words said: "let's get Shizumi and
go eat"

He looks me in the eye and asks :

"Got a question Ed? "

"Without a script, you forgot someone."

"You thought I was going to mention You?"

".......... you forgot Carl Rakosi"

there is more, however:

leave it with the poems..

one of the last "pieces" that I sent via
aereogramme to Cid and Shizumi...




Love, Ed

John Phillips, Cid & Shizumi, Ed Baker

Cid, Ed, Ted Enslin, Chuck Sandy

Cid Corman & Mary Pinard

Cid Corman