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Three Acrostic Dectina Refrains

Karin Anderson, AU

 Drugs are becoming a nightmare in Australia and other countries.


Air spews
Lashing waves
In dark despair
Noxious drug dealers
Expose innocent souls
Not knowing if wounds will heal
Each wound seared with stinging sea salt
So they steal, bash, kill the innocent
Sea air spew’s lashing waves in dark despair!



Each mad
Addict lacks
Seasons of love
Of selfish “Me Me!”
Not caring for others
Love is drugged twisted and skewed
Ever raging “I Want! I Want!”
Selfish love stops the world from healing
See each mad addict lacks seasons of love!




Her lines
Of sea shore
Ravish dealers.
Each new moon’s gold curve
Lights demoness arched flesh
Immersed in sea’s wild tide rides.
Now her mouth caves sea monster’s tongue
Exhales and tongue chokes drug dealer’s throats!
See her lines of seashore ravish dealers


 “A Walk Between Two Fires”, the winner of Best Documentary 2009 South Australian Screen Awards, is produced by Katrina Lucas and written, directed and shot by Mark Andersson. Mark Andersson is the son of Australian poet Karen Anderson and Katrina Lucas is her daughter-in-law. In the screen credits Mark has added an additional “s” in the name Anderson.

The ten minute documentary is about an Aboriginal in Australia who turned to drugs with an unfortunate outcome although he was rehabilitated.  The film was made to increase awareness of the futility of taking drugs.

View this movie at


*The Acrostic Dectina is a variation of the Dectina Refrain created by Marion Friedenthal. The Dectina genre contains 10 syllable counted lines: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/ and 10 being the first 10 syllables (or 4 lines).

The acrostic portion was added by Philip of Poetfreak. The first letter of each line forms the vertical acrostic.

~from Writing in the Bachs




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