Amaranth Borsuk, US



Free Verse


What Is Withheld


I was entrusted with throwing bread
                                    ahead of the weighlock so the boats
could skim a mealock without being
                                    scenes. The one I loved had sea eyes,
made me green. When I say
                                    boats, I don’t mean goats, but dogs.
Each one had several shames
                                    so we called them Come-you,
from the glottal, a private stutter.
                                    Come-you’s father gave me a letter
to toss across the sands. This was
                                    long after apples disappeared
from shops. I was entrusted
                                    throwing grass into moss. My favorite
thing: to eat book after book while
                                    reading apples. The letter said wait
by the viburnum, which looks
                                    away, then jump. His father paid.
A signist by trade, he rendered
                                    the boards in local idioms
as Come-you changed. This was
                                    many years before we met again
in the hearken, a marked growl—
                                    before the stave and tale. When I say
hall, I don’t mean all or hole: a place
                                    where every empty thing is saved.
Boat, boa, bowie, buoy, beau.
                                    This was before they made the dogs
dig up their bones. Sometimes it is
                                    not to believe. If it wouldn’t
happened to my loved ones I wouldn’t
                                    believe it.



About Amaranth Borsuk, US


Amaranth Borsuk is currently a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT. She has a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California, and has been published in such journals as Field, Colombia Poetry Review, Colorado Review and others. She has a new collection of poetry out titled Handiwork that was selected for the 2011 Slope Editions Poetry Prize. Borsuk is particularly interested in the use of writing technologies by modern and contemporary poets.

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