Announcing the May / June 30, 2012 "wedding / bride" Haiku Thread

The theme of the May / June 30, 2012 haiku thread will be anything to do with "wedding / bride" in the northern or southern hemisphere. It is not necessary to use the words "wedding or bride" but the concept must be obvious.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "wedding / bride" Haiku Thread.

Subject Line: May / June 30, 2012 "wedding / bride"
Haiku Thread

Deadline: Midnight Sunday, June 24, 2012


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at  May / June 30, 2012 "wedding / bride" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choices from this thread for publication in the Sunday, June 30, 2012 Sketchbook.

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